Nike Air Pippen RetroYesterday we gave you an in depth look at the upcoming Air Penny II retros, but those aren’t the only late 90’s basketball sneaker being call up from the reserves. Starting in August the Nike Air Pippen will begin to make its return with four colors slated for this fall/winter.

The first to release will be the original Black/Red color Pippen wore while taking care of the Utah Jazz in the ’97 Finals as well as carrying Batman off the court when he had the flu. The second pair releasing is best described as the ugly middle child in some unorthodox colors including “Tar” and “Light Taupe”. The third pair makes its way in a nice Black/White-Purple color and the final pair comes in all black (not pictured). Each pair will retail for $160 and will be available up to size 15. Check out more shots posted after the jump.

Nike Air Pippen Retro Black/Varsity Red-White
Nike Air Pippen Retro Black/Varsity Red-White

Nike Air Pippen Retro Black/Varsity Red-White
Nike Air Pippen Retro Black/Varsity Red-White

Nike Air Pippen Retro Tar/White-Light Taupe-Sunset
Nike Air Pippen Retro Tar/White-Light Taupe-Sunset

Nike Air Pippen Retro Tar/White-Light Taupe-Sunset
Nike Air Pippen Retro Tar/White-Light Taupe-Sunset

Nike Air Pippen Retro Black/White-Varsity Purple
Nike Air Pippen Retro Black/White-Varsity Purplet

Nike Air Pippen Retro Black/White-Varsity Purple
Nike Air Pippen Retro Black/White-Varsity Purplet

Scottie Pippen wearing Nike Air Pippen in 1997 NBA Finals
Scottie Pippen wearing Nike Air Pippen in 1997 NBA Finals

Scottie Pippen wearing Nike Air Pippen in 1997 NBA Finals
Scottie Pippen carrying Michael Jordan off the court in 1997 NBA Finals

  • Flatsole

    The brown ones are awful

    • Scrappy CoCo


  • nikeindabutt

    Forget these…those pics reminded me how truly DOPE those red/blk 12’s are!!! I think I may have to make a purchase …(sorry Scottie)

    P.S. WTF is the deal with these brown Scotties?

    • Scrappy CoCo

      "No Scottie, No Rings" and if you had any style,,, you would know how to "Rock" Da "Brown"

  • TASJ7045

    These bring back sweet memories but I have to question if these will sell. The Air Uptempos that Scottie wore were just as popular back in the day and they were retroed to a small response. I believe the Uptempos were clearance racked. If I’m incorrect then speak up but these seem like they will go the same way. It seems Max Air Basketball Shoes have gone out of style.

  • Nasty_Naj

    wow throwbacks cant wait to ball in these might f**k around and have a triple double…lets go L.A for all the hypebeaster’s…..anywho tough kicks cant wait….btw is that luc longly wearing 12’s???? NASTY NAJ WENT THIS WAY >>>>>>>>

  • Baker

    These aint going nooooooo where.They do bring back great memories though.Sorry PIP.

  • Pastor Troy

    Hey Matt they need to bring back the original white and silver with a little red that he wore during that 1996-1997 regular season. I remember I wanted to get those when they first released. I settled for the black and red 12’s (not a bad exchange lol)

  • D

    I love these kicks I actually played ball in them back in the day because they were so comfortable and Pippen was the man definitely an underrated player. I’ve finally figured it out. Since JB is pretty much done with retroing (I hope not but at least for awhile I think) Nike being the smart brand they are has decided to Retro all of the great kicks during that era because let’s face it Nike was and still is eatting off more than just MJ. I’ll probably just get the OG colorway although I like those purple ones too. I’m interested to see the all blacks ones too. Hopefully they will continue with this retroing because there is a lot I miss and missed out due to finances as a kid. Hopefully next on the list to bring back is those Nike Air Griffey’s in the Seattle Mariners colorway. Matt use your connections to make it happen.

  • natethegreat

    it looks like the camera man has on a pair too?

  • alan

    anyone notice the cameraman wearing the pips too? i wanted these so bad when i was a kid but never had a chance to scoop them up. 1 pair of the og blk/red’s for sure. i never thought i would see these again. a very nice suprise as well as the penny 2’s

  • E-MAN

    who noticed #13 in the first pic wearing the 12’s? FRESH.

  • luclongley

    13 is luc longley….that’s why i don’t like the whole jordan scene…it’s filled with kids not even old enough to have seen jordan in his prime

  • Pastor Troy

    Good catch on that one Alan. I guess that is what you called double advertising or exposure (lol)

  • jordan23nonstop

    ^^^E-man, that is Luc Longley if you don’t remember the Bull’s team of 96-97

  • D-Block

    Yes the camera man is wearing a pair as well….

    Definitely loving the black/red 12’s, might have to wear mine 2day haha….never was really a fan of Pip’s shoes but I might grab a pair of these still for ball that is if they really are that comfortable….its still a toss up though cuz those huarache’s are feeling NIIIIICE!! but we’ll see!

  • Boath

    That year Pippen & Tony K. were the only two on the team not wearing J.B. because they had signature shoes.
    O.g. Pippen colors all the way

  • andy

    I love these I used to have them my god were they comfortable but r they coming out in kid sizes ?????

  • f00k

    damn sucks they are releasing all my OGs! Now everyone and their momma’s gonna have them

  • D

    Kukoc has on the Pippens too I just noticed. E-Man and for all other who don’t know this, Jordan and Pippen had lots of their teammates wearing their sneakers.

  • Dj75728

    Beautiful just beautiful. I might have to cop a pair depending if my money ain’t being funny at the time. Actually that’s around my birthday, I’ll cop one of the black pairs.

  • alan

    #11 i totally agree with you on that one. also too the only people who are going to pick up re-releases like these are people around then that truly loved the shoes. young kids seeing these now probley think they are lame…. but to me these are true classics. a staple in the 90’s nike shoe game.

  • Jerronimo

    These are coo but I still can’t fux witem (Especially not
    for $160) Now the first Pippens tho. I can rock those. The flight ones…yall know what I am talking about!

  • bj

    what is that steve kerr got on?

  • sshuskerfan

    Showing those pics makes me want the 12s. And Im with you bj, what is Kerr rockin’ in the background?

  • sshuskerfan

    I actually think Kerr is rockin’ the Pippens but in a different color scheme!

  • JMighty

    I’m really feeling the black and red Pippens, I can remember those from way back when they landed in the fall. Oh yeah and think that Steve could be wearing one of the first jumpman. You know the ones that KG rocked that were black, blue, and white. They also had a black,red, and white pair that came out to.

  • nikeindabutt

    damn sucks they are releasing all my OGs! Now everyone and their momma???s gonna have them

    Comment by f00k ??? June 17, 2008 @ 3:07 pm

    ^^^ I TOTALLY feel your pain…i’m going into deep depression when they retro the silver, gold, and egglant flightposites :-(

  • alan

    ya im pretty sure steve is wearing the jumpman pro’s if im not mistaken. those are sooooo comfortable. loved the white/blue colorway in those

  • Sneekerking

    You people are crazy these are some of the best pippens ever! I am so glad that Nike is going to retro the Black/White/Red colorway, the purple ones arent bad. I agree that the brown ones are pretty crappy though.

  • Slim #21

    These are fire as a 90’s baby I had all the mikes, and most of all the 90’s nike sneaks, but I neva had a pair of Pippens. So i must grab a pair, expecially the Black/ and Purple pair. Just grabbed the Barkleys the ones that say SIR CHARLES at the bottom and love them. Ohh not just a wearer i hoop in my
    Sneaks so, cant wait to give these a spin.


    SOOOO anyone know why these are soo f’n expensive? I think it’s a hot shoe but $160? When I saw that price I thought ‘how long till I see em at nike outlets?’ Am I wrong to think that or do ya’ll think thats too much too?

  • sshuskerfan

    WAYYYYYYY to much $160 what a joke, like Nike needs it or something! I bet they only $70 at the ES

  • abelino

    I think they are nice BUT a buck 60 do they come with some suckie suckie? LOL!!!

  • solesaved

    They just gonna keep you in store with all these retro releases within weeks of each other it’s tough to keep up when you a family and a recession & gas.

  • Big L

    You know when Greats are Great when to whole team rocks the Stars KICKS…PIP “Best all around player ever” I sold these on eBay 2 years ago for 250+ gotta get’em again

  • bubz23

    Luc longley is wearin 12s… steve kerr is wearing 11s and tony kucoc looke like he got some pippens on

  • Big Al

    I remember that I wanted either these pippens or the jordan 12s sooooooo badly but my parents couldn’t afford them so i settled for the Converse Rodmans. I had to get a Bulls shoe lol!

  • greenmaker24

    the first and last ones r dope

  • Kev

    I miss the Jordan/Pippen days!!!! Never will be the same. Nice kicks.

  • damnneardeadstock

    $160? someone tell nike they aren’t jordans…

  • pgoodie

    steve kerr aint wearin 11s, the white part of the sole is too thick and there isnt white on the bottom of the sole

  • mikey

    Steve kerr is rocking the first jordan brand shoe I believe. It looks like the jumpman. It was the shoe eddie jones was rocking when he was with the lakers. They had them in a white and blue colorway and they also had them in black and red.

  • BKost

    I just told myself like a few days ago Im passing. But now Im thinkin about them more…

  • MJSF

    All I need are the OG Blk/Red cw the rest look like dung

  • Vagant Blog

    [..After yesterdays Nike Air Penny Retro, today some nice pics of the Nike Air Pippen Retro..]

  • Leaf it

    Steve Kerr isn’t wearing 11s or jumpmans. Search on for steve kerr 1997 and you find pictures where you can take a closer look on these kickz. Maybe someone knows them.

  • dopasaurus

    i wanna say kerr’s rockin air groovin uptempos…uptempos for sure, not completely they’re the groovin’s.

  • Lowly

    does the Camera man have on Scottie Pippens

  • c ray

    I had the OG cw back when they were released because I missed the black/white jordan 12’s, i’ve been waiting on these for a long time. There are alot of shoes that need to be retoed. Good look nike.

  • danny gonzales

    anyone notice that pips shoes arent air maxes? there are no bubbles!

  • Big Al

    To all you youngins: When these Pippens came out they retailed at $160! I think it was because of the air bubble.

  • Oldskoolkicksboi

    Nice! they bringing back these. The black/red/wht are nice like the OGs, but the brown ones are disgusting. $160 is expensive but i definitely remember that the OG ones were around the same price, but maybe $150. These are classics if you grew up in the 90s and watched the Bulls win those 6 rings. I laughed when I saw the kid write about #13 in the pic. #46 you are correct Steve kerr is definitely wearing some sort of air uptempos, might even be the groovin’ like you said.

  • atxboy25

    man those were the days…I had those black/red 12’s!!! wore them everyday as a kid. They were my favorite jordans. I didn’t have these pips, i had the ones with AIR on the side. can’t remember the name but they were the olympic editions…white and the AIR was blue and trimmed in gold. Man i miss them thangs!

  • kb.aka.The 1

    ok where’s the fouth colorway?

  • kb.aka.The 1

    these are ok? but they, from what I remember are heavy? not like today’s t-shoes whick are as light as a feather!!! I’ll prob pass on these? unless they come out with some bomb azz colorways!!!

  • troy

    i cant wait for these to come out

    i still have those og black/red 12s

  • Nice Kicks

    kb aka. The 1,

    We don’t yet have photos for them, but they are all black inside and out.

  • Bam Gates

    Well I Have The Red/Blk 12 Crispy………But Those Pippens Are Fire! Check Out The NBC Camera Man With Them On Though.

  • car

    next throwback thursday air jordan 12 breds

  • http://nicekicks chris dirty

    pippen told mike i feelgay wit u huggin me

  • http://nicekicks chris dirty

    pippen told mike i feel like a hoe wit u huggin me

  • Elda

    SEXY…is all I can say.

  • ebior32

    this shoe is the shi….i had these back in the day. $160 back then also. so for all you youngins, story goes, pip didn’t even like the shoe. he had no input whatsoever. that’s why we get air max bubbles and he doesn’t have them. he didn’t want the air max bubble and wanted zoom air that every new nike kick was getting. that’s why all the pippens after this one looked completely different. that’s why pip don’t have air bubbles on his shoes.

  • sammy

    These r great xept for the brown ones I got 2 pairs 2day og and retro

  • Tulio

    hey , won’t we see the original white ones from that years regular season ?


    I just want to say that these sneakers are soooooo official. I had them back in “97” when they first came out. I was flossing through August Martin High School in Jamaica Queens New york, because i was one of the few who had the pleasure of sporting such classics. The Bulls were my team not because of MJ but because of SP. I can’t wait for them to come out in my size, but until then i am waiting with breath that is baited.

  • master_yendor

    bring back the white and black ones!!!!!!!!!

  • B. Gogz

    these shoes have always been fire. damn i miss the glory days in chicago – damn and nice looks w/ postin the pic from when jordan had the flu. that game was dumb crazy. SCOTTIE PIPPEN ALL DAY!!!

  • K.Terry

    Bring back the Air Pippen V’s!

  • Lou money

    yooo 12s are my favorite jordan they needa bring back the french blue 12s and flint grey 12s