Spike Lee Exclusive “Knicks” Jordan Spizikes

Spike Lee Exclusive Jordan Spizikes NY KnicksSpike Lee recently visited the Complex office to talk about his court-side rivalry with Jack Nicholson, his beef with Rudi, and his new school for sports journalism.

He walked in supporting his choice for ’08 as well as some exclusive Spizikes made just for him that he refers to as his “New York Knicks joints.” Spike also talks about how his relationship with Nike and Air Jordans started and they continue to support him and his work.

Nike and Michael Jordan made a $250,000 scholarship contribution for Spike’s new academic program which Spike said was “basically all the money they made on the Spizikes.” Let’s hope Spike isn’t teaching math at his new school.

Peep the video at Complex.

Spike Lee Exclusive Jordan Spizikes NY Knicks
Spike Lee Exclusive Jordan Spizikes “NY Knicks”

Spike Lee Exclusive Jordan Spizikes NY Knicks
Spike Lee Exclusive Jordan Spizikes “NY Knicks”


  1. johnny says:


  2. J.King says:

    “Let???s hope Spike isn???t teaching math at his new school.”-Nice Kicks


    This color is bound to get bootlegged.

  3. keith says:

    im coo off them

  4. TASJ7045 says:

    Its nice to see these ugly kicks are supporting people getting an education.

  5. D says:

    I’m convinced that there are 100 versions of the Spizikes. I can???t front, I???m still waiting for the gray ones.

  6. sneakFREAK says:

    LOL Matt you killed me with that line.

    $250k…Nike probably made more than that off of the FIRST Spizike that was limited to 4092 pairs.

  7. abelino says:

    I have a few spizikes BUT….I’ll pass on these

  8. Haz says:

    haha. if Nike somehow convinced Spike that they only made a quarter million off those shoes, he needs some new friends. and a new accountant… quick. haha.

  9. Nice Kicks says:

    I am quite confident Nike and Jordan made much more than $250,000 on the Spizikes – probably closer to $25M. Either way it’s good to see that Spike and Mike still have a good relationship and I can’t wait for the Spike Lee Jordan Documentary.

    As for the shoes, I don’t MIND the white, but black would have been better. Seeing Spike throw the white on that panel makes me wonder if he had major influence in the Kings County color up that also had the white patent in what some would call an odd place.

  10. nikeindabutt says:

    No doubt an all black base with orange and blue would be a nice Knicks colorway…in any event is it just me or does Spike Lee ALWAYS manage to make (even the illest) kicks look corny by rocking them with wack pants/jeans??? WTF

  11. MackTastic says:

    This shoes are trash. They look good on u Spike!!!

  12. rusty shacklefur says:

    spike lee always stay wit a fresh ugly azz pair of spizikes!!!!!!!!!!!! and dey always in dem weak ass new york knick colors!!!!!!!!YIKES

  13. The Real Mack Tastic says:

    Theese look better than the orange spizike’s he had last time and i dont know what yall talking bout cause I PERSONALLY LIKE THEM.

    so the rest of yall can STOP HATING !!! on my man spike

  14. looks like they shoeld have named these joints tony the tiger editions, serious man. bottom line they aint that fly.

  15. they look like a tony the tiger edition. bottom line, they aint that fly, serious!

  16. soloflight22 says:

    Mars Blackmon wouldn’t rock these….

  17. YouKnow says:

    I wanna see D’antoni rockin these. lmao

  18. yung albino says:

    i prefer the cool grey spizikes to these
    if they gon release any of tha new york knicks spizikes they should release those white and orange ones (in a picture a few weeks ago)

  19. Jada says:

    These thangs descent

  20. bkbigjay says:

    spike- ”hey mike, whats up man”

    mike- hey spike

    spike- yo in commin to the jordan studios, i think im gonna make like 15 different exclusive colorways

    mike- no problem

    what i lucky man