“Grape” Air Jordan 1 GS

Air Jordan 1 GS GrapeSeveral Jordan colorways are timeless and signatory to the label. Some of these include Cool Grey, Military, Fire Red, and of course Grape. The combination of emerald with “grape ice” is taken a step further on these Air Jordan 1s with an “icey” clear swoosh and the depiction of a bunch of grapes on the insole.

Oh yeah, the bad news…these Air Jordans are only made in grade school sizes – sorry fellas. Photos thanks to Sneaker News.

Air Jordan 1 GS Grape
“Grape” Air Jordan 1 GS

Air Jordan 1 GS Grape
“Grape” Air Jordan 1 GS

Air Jordan 1 GS Grape
“Grape” Air Jordan 1 GS

Air Jordan 1 GS Grape
“Grape” Air Jordan 1 GS

Air Jordan 1 GS Grape
“Grape” Air Jordan 1 GS


  1. YouKnow says:

    poor lighting, i cant really tell if i like it or not, but yea i dont like the 1s anyways. cool colorway though.

  2. oct nandez says:

    crack any grape air Jordan’s are crack

  3. nikeindabutt says:

    I sooooooooooooo wish these were releasing in adult sizes only because I hate the shape of the toebox on GS Jordans…will have to see these up close before purchasing…the grape colorway is sick any time of the day though…

  4. bkbigjay says:

    they look a bit weird, it could be the lighting, but i think these will be a dope release. oh man, imagine if they made these in suede.


  5. atxboy25 says:

    oh man it sucks to have a big foot (14) seems like the women and lil kids are getting the sick releases these days.

  6. juju says:

    these would look wayyyyyyy!!!! better if they were patent lether

  7. julio says:

    ^^ patent leather noo way….
    but these would be a hot ass limited release…
    too bad its kids sizes

  8. Prince of NY says:

    damn adults want them to
    these is fire

  9. jibby says:

    yea, those are nice but look a bit weaker than the other pics I’ve seen. don’t like the clear swoosh tho. best I’s I’ve seen this year. I’d pick em up if they weren’t GS.

  10. Couper What It is Right Now H-Town says:

    I feel like JB is starting to over doing it with the #1′s…..

  11. Nice Kicks says:

    ^ The Jordan 1 is JB’s Dunk. It’s the one shoe that they will be messing with alot over the next year including skate versions of the Jordan 1 much like the SB Dunks. Stay tuned!

  12. shai2fresh says:

    dope..wish they where coming out in adult sizes just because the resale value would be more

  13. Nice Kicks says:

    ^ I would hope that you would buy the shoes because you would like to wear them rather than to buy and resell :-/

  14. THE REALLEST says:

    S I C K ! ! !

  15. TASJ7045 says:

    Nice comment about resale value Matt. I can’t wait to rock these with my Larry Johnson Charlotte Hornets jersey. This colorway is straight 1992. I like them but don’t have anything to match with them. As Matt said before the Jordan 1 is going to come out in sooooo many colorways you can easily pass on the ones that don’t work for you.

  16. Dan Love says:

    Man, the kids get this lovely tidy colourway whilst JB continue to destroy Jordans like VIs and VIIs for adults with that olympic nonsense.

    Is it too much to ask to just keep the colours and materials simple and clean on classic sneakers?! Don’t eff with a formula that works!

  17. soleful says:

    In my opinion the jordan grape 5′s look way better. These dont look extremely bad but I just wouldnt cop. Something about them I dont like too…

  18. c18st says:

    these are really nice but gs size damn im a size 7 and 7.5 but in 1s a 7.5 because 1s run small so I can’t get these y gs size

  19. c18st says:

    dese r nicee but im size 7 and 7.5 in 1s because they run so small y jb y drop these 1s 4 gs sizes only

  20. Jerronimo says:

    Fressssssssssssssssssssshhhh!! Must have. Goes well wit a Larry Johnson throwback!