British Knight Brings Back 1989

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British Knights 1989 CollectionIt’s only fitting for this news to happen on Throwback Thursday…

British Knights is making a comeback this year bringing back styles of kicks they brought to the market nearly two decades ago. Their first launch of the latest re-release features four original silhouettes starting at $69.99. More BK Classics are on the way with more bring back releases this summer.

Check out the whole collection as well as retro commercials and print ads from the 80’s at

British Knights 1989 Collection
British Knights 1989 Collection – Leader

British Knights 1989 Collection
British Knights 1989 Collection – Ultra

British Knights 1989 Collection
British Knights 1989 Collection – Letters Lo

British Knights 1989 Collection
British Knights 1989 Collection – Kings SL Lo

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22 Comments on "British Knight Brings Back 1989"

  1. Mr. Willson

    Eh…Top one maybe. The others are a pass for me. Was never a ‘BK’ kid. But I’ll at least take a look with future releases. Though I do remember the ads: “It ain’t nuthin’ without the BK button”.


  2. abelino

    Dang.. Diadora’s now BK’s what next CROSS COLORS i used to rock all this stuff back in da day I guess 80’s are back Koo nothing like the old school….

  3. Jerronimo

    I was living in LA when these first came out back in the 80’s. Crips used to wear these for the “BK” (Blood Killas) on the side. Peeps were getting shot and beat down for rockin these…no joke! What’s next STARTER jackets…..Wait I think I still have one in storage…hmmm

  4. solesaved

    Neva was a BK fan but every other company is putting out retros so i guess these can make a comeback too.

  5. BKost

    defeinately jordan inspired on the ultra and the leaders

    Comment by g-man ??? May 1, 2008 @ 5:00 pm

    Just not seein it, could you tell me what jordans you think these drew inspiration from?

    The only jordans that were released in 1989 were the Is, IIs, IIIs, and IVs. Neither of those look anything like those models.

    I guess the lace loops on the leaders are similar to the IIIs but thats about all I see.

  6. zeroGsti

    Man, I used to love the black and blue ones with the snake skin on the back part. That was around 87-88. I would cop if they came out with the snake skin ones.

  7. Mr. Willson

    @ abelino

    They still sell Cross Colours in Germany. *lol*

    That and Karl Kani are hittin’ hard in the skreets over thurr…*lol*

    I’ve never laughed so hard in my life…*lol*

  8. Dizzle

    Suckers better recognise! If you aint feelin’ these… then you aint hip hop. Son.

    These are dope. Either yall know that. Or yall dont.

    DOPE. Y’heard!?

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