Solebox Asics Gel Lyte III Grey/Purple

A few months back we saw some preview shots of a collab between Solebox and Asics. Solebox is no rookie to collabs with memorable makeups with New Balance, Puma, and Nike. Now Asics can add another company to the list as well as possibly the honor of the most creative Asics Gel Lyte III collab yet.

The Solebox crew kept with the times employing a rich grey suede upper with purple accent, but took the kicks down a different path than anyone else by using UV sensitive material that change color in the light. Going the opposite direction of the Alife “Monster” Gel Lyte IIIs, the grey stripes on the side of the sneaker as well as midsole change to purple when catching rays.

Crooked Tongues brought the web these shots and info, but sadly no release date or pricing info has been released at this moment. In oddly related, but somewhat relevant news, Nike has sanctioned Solebox and is no longer doing any business with the reputable spot. Solebox dishes the dirt on their blog, but maybe someone caught feelings that Solebox was working too much with competitors?

Solebox Asics Gel Lyte III Grey/Purple
Solebox x Asics Gel Lyte III

  • kicks_aholic

    these look dopee .. crazzy color ways looking like the NYC pigeon dunks .. if the price is right I’ll cop them

  • htown

    I want themmmmm! That shade of purple is crazy hard to find on a nice shoe

  • YouKnow

    man im feelin these. gel lyte 3s are whats up right now.

  • icollectjordans

    damn i need to make some emails!!!!! i want BAD!!!!!!!!!!

  • rod

    it’s funny that some people are so obsessed w/ “pigeon” cw’s.

  • rod

    it’s funny how some people are so obsessed w/ “pigeon” cw’s.

  • icollectjordans

    i found out the release date is august 23…but there will be no online release…that sucks..

  • flyasthesky


  • flyasthesky


  • Flatsole

    Nice c/w

  • solesaved


  • YungThrowstherock

    @ icollectjordans

    where are they releasing them?

  • mANO sANTO

    Where can I purchase these shoes?

  • icollectjordans

    they are releasing them in germany at the “solebox” store…so find a german friend if you want them..or just beg for them to release you a pair to the US like me…and hope for the best

  • greenmaker24

    these r pretty dope

  • sure

    Nope, I doubt anybody will ever be able to beat the Patta x Asics gel lyte IIIs. Some may come close but you can’t touch those Pattas–>by far the best Asics collab in history and that ain’t changing anytime soon.

  • max

    only at solebox store in berlin

  • Sneakernerd

    Hey guys, the shoe is only sold in Berlin exclusively in the shop mit August.So you better book a ticket to get these.
    Only 250 produced…you better run…and sleep in front of the solebox shop!


  • Emmanuel

    Now, how cange you possibly get these???

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