David Z Special Make up TeaserNot much can be said about these kicks other than that there is another special make up cooked from Ronnie Fieg’s kitchen. Several companies took notice from his work last year with the David Z x Asics Gel Lyte IIIs.

First person to name the brand and model gets 10 e-points. More info to come.

David Z Special Make up Teaser
David Z Teaser Shot

  • nikeindabutt

    This seems to be a real funky edition of the Saucony Courageous…haven’t seen Saucony’s since they came back in ’99 for a hot second. P.S. I love David Z!

  • deon918

    saucony courageous

  • bkbigjay

    now i didn’t know what the model was called but i knew it was saucony

  • http://nicekicks peanut head


  • YouKnow

    These are nice lookin

  • TheJumpmanFrontman

    I like the first pair more than the second pair, which is odd because I usually hate red/blue combo’s. I really like the sole though.

  • quan

    Saucony Courageous. These are making a come up for the summer. As well as the old Saucony Jazz.

  • http://www.sneakerobsession.com lilrip133

    ehhh theyre aight.

  • mike DOS

    dang i havent seen or heard of sauconys is a min the first ones remind me of that rev run sneaker that released not too long ago

  • sneakFREAK

    Wow that midsole is MONEY! Ronnie did well on these. I can’t wait to see more.

  • http://myspace.com/infamousdeadstock infamousdeadstock

    sick sauconys man….i’d rock them….

  • http://davidz.com ronnie

    thanks a lot for the positive feedback.. Trying to give you guys the Nike alternative and help expand you horizons. Stay tuned for more info on these.

  • http://davidz.com ronnie

    thanks a lot for the positive feedback.. Trying to give you guys the Nike alternative and help expand your horizons. Stay tuned for more info on these.

  • greenmaker24

    not really feelin dem

  • ILHE1S

    Saucony’s!!! My boy rocked the ish out of these in HS!

  • jintao

    welcome back!

  • rod

    please…special make up. those top ones look damn close to the tech am1’s. how hard is it to copy nike cw’s?

  • http://davidz.com ronnie

    they look nothin like the Nike tech pack. Stop hatin

  • tea

    Nice job, wasn’t a fan of the GL3’s but the colors on these are beauties. How do these fit compared to AM 1/90s? or GL 3’s?

  • b rad

    I’ve seen better kicks in a bootleg kung-fu movie

  • Dead Cat

    Apparently there is a third on the way too. According to my manager at David Z, there is also a black and gold colorway Ronnie cooked up.

    Let’s stay tuned.

    And by the way, he saw black and gold is the dopest color.

  • http://myspace.com/santaisforeal tjholmes26

    Solid. Idk if I’d cop they have to be free lol.

  • TechNutt

    HOLY $HITT, those blue/red/black Sauconys are a BEAST! I would definitely copp if I there were made available. Very nice work, indeed, Ronnie!

  • nikeindabutt

    “please???special make up. those top ones look damn close to the tech am1???s. how hard is it to copy nike cw???s?”

    Comment by rod ??? April 12, 2008 @ 1:48 pm

    ^^^ At the risk of losing my 10 e-points (lol…for being first to name the shoe/model) I’d have to agree that the colorway chosen for this shoe is strikingly close to the first Air Max 1 Safari release…

  • mike noakes

    I have these, but in blue/yellow..they are fresh….Saucony Courageous

  • nikeindabutt

    “they look nothin like the Nike tech pack. Stop hatin”

    Comment by ronnie ??? April 12, 2008 @ 4:23 pm

    ^^^ The pic aboves seems to disagree with this statement.

  • http://www.nicekicks.com Nice Kicks


    Ronnie designed these in June of last year so to say that he copied the Tech Pack colorway wouldn’t be fair to assume. Something that few people know is that it takes MONTHS for a shoe to get produced even when its a remake of an existing product.

    The designers and factories have to exchange samples several times until everyone is happy. For special make ups, it takes even longer because it has to not only be OKed by Saucony, but also by David Z.

  • http://www.teamsaucony-originals.com/ sauconyoriginals

    A release party is being held to celebrate the collaboration of David Z. and Saucony Originals to produce the Courageous DZ sneaker.

    There will only be 144 pairs available in three different color combinations.
    This is your chance to take a look at the exclusive sneaker while enjoying free drinks.

    The event will be from 8-10 pm on Wednesday May 2nd at the David Z. store in St. Marks Place. It is open to the public.

    For more information check out http://www.teamsaucony-originals.com

    If you would like to attend RSVP to davidz@drillteammarketing.com

  • http://www.teamsaucony-originals.com/ sauconyoriginals

    The launch party will is on May 2nd which is actually a Friday not a Wednesday…sorry fir the confusion

  • dankl0rd

    yo, thanks for the heads up on the party! open bar + fresh kicks = dope

  • jonathan

    this shoes r sick i would love 2 get this shoes…. da colors r out of this world… :)