Kobe Jumps Over Moving Car in Nike Hyperdunks

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Just a few days ago Nike unveiled the Hyperdunk which is said to be the next generation in performance basketball shoes. The Hyperdunk will be worn by Kobe and other Team USA members this summer in Beijing if that torch can make it there unharmed.

Yesterday Kobe posted a video that has become viral of him attempting to jump over a 50mph Aston Martin while wearing the Nike Hyperdunks. Many are speculating that a stunt double performed the actual jump, but you be the judge. I am quite confident that both Nike and the Lakers organization have a “no jumping over moving vehicles” clause in their contract with him. Picture of the shoes are posted after the jump.

Kobe jumps over moving car aston martin wearing Nike Hyperdunk
Nike Hyperdunk

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  1. nikeindabutt

    Okay…about these Hyperdunk kicks—> According to the full report on hypebeast.com these are a Nike collaboration with Kobe Bryant (^^^he’s going hard to promote them)and while the shoe obviously resembles Kobe’s signature 2K shoes…it “is not part of Kobe’s signature shoes”!
    My question is what sense does that make? If it ‘looks’ like a Kobe and is a collaboration with Kobe…why isn’t it a Kobe shoe???
    Actually now that i’m looking at it …kinda resembles a Vince Carter(front)/Kobe (back) sneaker…lol

  2. jibby

    first ‘kobe’ shoe I’ve liked. and nice link to IHT matt. I knew you were a great shoe journalist but didn’t realize you read my fav (online) paper. thanks for keeping the community informed

  3. bkbigjay

    they look like great ball playing shoes. i’m 100% positive that wasn’t real though. as nicekicks stated the lakers would not allow him to do that. and i dont know if kobe gets that high anymore.

  4. Dam1en

    It is a fake. Pause it at :36, it’s kinda hard to drive a car when no one’s in there. :)

    I think Nike got lazy on this one, especially because how the car drove past him. I mean it was a lot harder to tell with the Ronaldinho commercials, but oh well. On to the shoes. They’re okay, I like the colors on them. Hopefully they’re really comfortable on the court.

  5. T-roy

    I agree with you bkbigjay I don’t believe Nike or the Lakers franchise would risk something like that. As far as him not getting up like that he showed glimpses of his hops last night with a blocked shot that he sent to the stands against the clippers (lol). Did you see the ones he wore last night they looked like a combination of the 2k4’s and his zoom Kobe 1’s black white and maize. They look extremely light and comfortable. I wonder what other NBA players will be wearing these this summer possibly King James!!!!!

  6. T-roy

    I also heard Reggie Miller (at the game lakers vs clippers) say that these are the lighest basketball shoes out at 13oz. If so they will be a lot lighter than Kobe’s previous shoes. 2k4 14.4oz, Kobe 1 17.6oz, Kobe 2 17.4 oz, Kobe 3 16.4 oz

  7. zb

    These are the second best Kobe shoe after the most recent release with the 3. The 3’s are one of the best performance shoes and much better than the LBJ V’s. (Even though he should win the mvp)

  8. unlimitedfutwear

    the shoes look sick i dnt know about off court wear though and Kobe really did the stunt. If it wasn’t him that was great cgi but it was no stunt double.

  9. nikeindabutt

    Theory: Kobe is promoting lightweight shoes in an effort to cover the fact that he’s losing some of his hops…lol

  10. I’m going to hope and pray that this video is not real. Risk your team, your life and so forth (wife and kids too), not to mention that the driver goes to jail…

    As for this being a Kobe sneaker, it would be better that it wasn’t. Kobe helped in the design and promotion… probably gets a share in the profits, but its a sneaker that ANYONE can wear. How many players going to wear this sneaker if its a Kobe made sneaker? lol

    It better to brand this as a general release basketball sneaker than a general release Kobe player sneaker. I mean how many players wore Jordans when he was playing at his prime?

    I can’t wait to try them on. or at least see them in the store lol They look good.

    By the way, he could probably jump over the car technically, I just don’t think its a good idea to do it.

  11. TASJ7045

    Give Nike some credit for being innovative with this shoes and this marketing. Nike has been living of their past for awhile now and they finally broke the mold with this shoe. I can’t remember Nike marketing for a shoe being this interesting in a long while. I’m not a Kobe fan but I am a Nike fan and this shoe and this video put a smile on my face about the future of Nike Basketball products.

    Innovations Create Classics-Think of all the classic shoes and they all were the 1st to done something special.

  12. TASJ7045

    I forgot to ask this: what do you guess the price of these will be? Let’s do this “Price Is Right” Style:

    I’ll go with $140

  13. A

    I think that he probably did jump over the car. The car isnt very high, and all he did was pull his knees up to his chest. Also, the car was going fast, and passed him in less than a second.

  14. The Epidemic

    If you notice the back of the shoe, you can see that it has the shield with nike on it just like the Nike Mcfly. Who knows what is coming……..

  15. grizz8884

    fake, the car drove to the side of him!!! Do you really think they would allow Kobe to do something stupid like that? I think IRL he can jump over it, but you never know what could have happened.

  16. allen

    if you look closely guys…you will notice that he is off to the left of the actual car…look at the shadows…..

    | CAR

    $ KOBE

  17. solesaved

    These are some nice kicks! As for stunt i hope some dum dum don’t try this at home in the past commericals such as these got pulled quick because someone always took it the wrong way and put the sneaks on and try to repeat the stunt.

  18. Klavyn

    everyone is right. you see his shadow on the car. that, and why would kobe risk his LIFE to promote for Nike? thats too big of a risk for what he stands for in basketball culture as well as a Nike oncourt representative.

  19. TechNutt

    That’s a dope shoe but im no fan of all black kicks except for the Jordan III. I would love to see other colorways.

  20. TechNutt

    Also, I’ve seen the commercial on tv without the “added” Kobe commentary and I gotta say there was a reason for it. After viewing the above Youtube vid, Kobe comes off like a little boy in the streets, bragging like he just bought the most flyest ride on earth or performed the world’s most amazing stunt. “I got dis. I got dis.” ….. “Trust your boy” That was just unnecessary and makes Kobe appear young and juvenile, but I understand that is what makes Kobe, Kobe. However, that is what also separates him from Jordan. Jordan never publicly acted like Kobe in that vid but instead ALWAYS portrayed himself with great dignity and class (except when he was caught up for cheating on his wife…..and his rampant gambling addiction). Even Lebron can’t touch MJ, no matter how hard Kobe and Lebron try. I don’t think no one will in my lifetime, especially with the young mindset mentality of today’s youth. I certainly hope someone proves me wrong otherwise and so does David Stern.

  21. These are the 2K5’s on Steroids and HGH!

    And DUH, of course the Lakers organization wouldn’t say, “Go ahead Kobe, jump over a moving car.”

    You people are retards. The Bulls didn’t tell Jay Will to hop on his motorcycle either, nor did the Steelers or Browns tell Big Ben and Kellen Winslow the same, but guess what?


  22. TechNutt, I think you may have over analyzed the whole point of the so-called “‘added’ Kobe commentary”… get your head out of your ass, you seem a bit stuck up to the fact that it was a way to sell the shoe… NOT to show Kobe as being arrogant, etc.

    Even if Kobe IS arrogant, the man has good reason to do so. I’m sure you’ve seen his gameplay over the years, so no need for me to say “check his stats” or “look at his accomplishments.”

    Sh*t, even Jordan was arrogant. Think he wasn’t? Read up on how many times Jordan talked pure sh*t on the courts. To say that Kobe is being arrogant, because he’s basically playing a role in a commercial to advertise and sell a shoe is pretty ignorant.

    And as far as comparing MJ, Kobe and LeBron as MEN and based on persona, it can’t ever be done. No single person is just like another. They grew up in 3 different eras of the game and in life, in general, so of course neither of them would be “alike” when it came to their personalities. What a stupid thing to even think, let alone type.

  23. TechNutt


    Ha ha! You’re wayyy off target. Funny, I don’t ever recall saying Kobe was “arrogant”, so I do not get your pointless rebuttal. Yes, Kobe is arrogant (now I’ve said it), and yes so was Jordan and even Larry Bird. Hell, I’m sure most players in the NBA are/were arrogant. Kobe is the best player in the world and can back it up, and I know Jordan did back it up for most of his NBA career. FYI, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan were some of the most cockiest players to play the game of basketball. Remember, “off the expressway, over the river, off the billboard, through the window, off the wall…..nothing but net.”? Conceitedness, confidence, intelligence, competitiveness, personal character, etc….was not the issue.

    To review, I called Kobe “juvenile” in his commercial role. He’s 29 (soon to be 30) and acts like he is a adolescent in THAT commercial. That was my point. I know Kobe had problems with his rape trial (we all should remember that) and his little feud with Shaq, but that’s over now. No one in this world is infallible, including The Pope Benedict XVI, so I don’t expect Kobe to be perfect, either. What I do expect is for Kobe to NOT act like a immature teenager whilst gleefully crowing to his fellow compadre how he performed fabricated daredevil stunts. If I wanted to see that, I’d tune to MTV.

    Lastly, I was comparing the public behaviors of Kobe vs. MJ. I have never seen, not even one time, MJ act like a teenager during in any pre-game, actual game, or post-game interviews….nor have I seen any sort of indication of Jordan acting like one. I also never witnessed any incidences of MJ mentally-regressing ten/fifteen years in any of his commercials. Even in Space Jam, MJ was still very much an adult individual that held himself in the highest regard, but yet he still had fun. My argument is simply a matter of maturity. Point blank, I thought Kobe acted like a child as a grown man in that Nike commercial. MJ never did that, nor did he ever need to, in order to sell some shoes.


  24. playballa23

    Technutt, kobe and mj are differnt people. if kobe wanted to do that, let him. hes not hurting any1 by faking a stunt that he admitted to. and dude, its a COMMERCIAL!! who cares hes just havin some fun u retard, lighten up. we all kno u had a rough child hood.

  25. Mr. Mike

    It amazes me how many ppl actually believe this is real!! Not just here, but other sites I check out. The lack of common sense ppl have today is unreal. I don’t like Kobe, but I doubt he is that stupid to attempt to jump over a moving car (although dumber things have happened in life). It’s promotion for a shoe, plain and simple. As far as the shoe goes, it’s cool, proabably lightwieght which makes for a good hooping shoe. TechNutt you seem to have a lil problem w/Kobe…to quote the line in the famous mad rapper skits…”tell em why you madd son!!”

  26. nate

    if you watch close, it looks like kobe actually jumped but wwas just on the side, the car jsut went by him and he jumped, the side angle of camera looks like kobe was originally infront of the car, if you pause it right before he takes off, you can tell his feet are not infront of the car

  27. KingMH

    The video was great, real or not. The shoes are sweet!! And TechNutt wtf does jordan have to do with kobe goofin around in a damn commercial. ur comment waz just stupid, y are u bring lebron and jordan up when their names are not needed in the topic?

  28. nas1jay

    man im the biggest kb8-kb24 fan on earth but if u believe that he jumped over an aston martin ur just as dumb as the people who think he hastnt desrerved the mvp the past 3 seasons 81 points people b4 the hyperdunks. the shoe is sick-a-licious though.

  29. HerndonBaller

    he jumped high enough which is amazing in itself but he jumped from the side of the car even if he is capable it would be a dumb thing to do and technutt whos to say the whole thing wasnt scripted?

  30. It’s amazing that some people actually question whether this video is real. Even if Kobe could jump over a moving car (and he probably could), there is no way that Nike would risk the injury of of it’s next best endorser to Michael Jordan. Kobe’s not that crazy, either.

    Air 23 – News, release dates, info, tons of pics, and much more!!

  31. Lochlan

    I'v had my pair for a while now, they are a descent show with good grip. two things though, the shou is completly flat inside and it lacks the spring that my old adidas shoes gave me. above all about an 8/10 and 10/10 for ankle support

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