Throwback Thursday – Air Force 180 Pump

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Throwback Thursday - Nike Air Force 180 Pump

A few weeks ago we posted one a Charles Barkley PE Air Force 180, but though many consider that shoe a high top sneaker, Nike took that model one step higher. In the early 90’s Nike responded to Reebok’s Pump with their own series of basketball sneakers that featured Air Pump technology that gave the wearer a better fit about the ankle. David Robinson was the signature athlete to represent the high top Nike Pump series that included the Nike Air Pressure, Nike Air Command Force, and the last (and this week’s Throwback) Nike Air Force 180 Pump.

Like Chuck’s version, the shoe has cosmetic touches such as speckled and fading midsole, but the sheer high top of the shoe and its hefty pricetag of $175 made the shoe a tough sale in the not so strong economy in 1992. So far, Nike has not brought back any of the Air Pump shoes as retros, but our fingers are crossed that at least one of the three models will return. We have taken several photos for your viewing pleasure and have also posted one of the commercials that Nike broadcast to promote the shoe featuring the Admiral.

Throwback Thursday - Nike Air Force 180 Pump
Throwback Thursday – Nike Air Force 180 Pump

Throwback Thursday - Nike Air Force 180 Pump
Throwback Thursday – Nike Air Force 180 Pump

Throwback Thursday - Nike Air Force 180 Pump
Throwback Thursday – Nike Air Force 180 Pump

Throwback Thursday - Nike Air Force 180 Pump
Throwback Thursday – Nike Air Force 180 Pump

Throwback Thursday - Nike Air Force 180 Pump
Throwback Thursday – Nike Air Force 180 Pump

Throwback Thursday - Nike Air Force 180 Pump
Throwback Thursday – Nike Air Force 180 Pump

Throwback Thursday - Nike Air Force 180 Pump
Throwback Thursday – Nike Air Force 180 Pump

Throwback Thursday - Nike Air Force 180 Pump
Throwback Thursday – Nike Air Force 180 Pump

Throwback Thursday - Nike Air Force 180 Pump
Throwback Thursday – Nike Air Force 180 Pump

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  1. bkbigjay

    dang these are fire. kinda high, but i would still wear em. i like the sir charles junts too, but i hate the strap, so i like these better. if the cost 175 then, i wonder how much they would cost now. the technology isn’t as good as now in terms of performance but they should still cost allot.

    • lil'B

      I had these exact shoe in 1991 for my 8th grade basketball team… they rocked. Wish I had them still. They are being sold on e-bay for $1,600!!!

  2. I totally do not remember these sneakers. Nike made 2 more ‘pumps’ other than these? AND they cost 174 even back in the day?

    I think any sneaker buff would want these in their collection. It is the true hi-top.

    anybody know why sneaker makers stopped making the hi-top sneaker and went with the mids? Was it a fashion thing or a performance reason?

  3. There were a number of reasons why Nike and other companies ditched the high top cut. High tops were a tougher sell to the average Joe who wanted a pair of kicks, but didn’t care about performance.

    In the mid 90s black based kicks was really in style thanks in large part to the Fab Five and Barkley, so shoes were very hot as they were – the high top made them even hotter. High tops also cost Nike much more to produce so then more to the consumer. A raised production cost coupled with a lower selling price (due to not selling as well as lows or mids) did not work out for retailers or Nike.

    Personally I love high top kicks. Since Nike hasn’t been bringing many true high tops back (besides the AF1s) I wear my Adidas Metro Attitudes and now my Conductors A LOT. I would really like to see Nike bring these back or any other of the pumps. With or without the tech they were an awesome shoe.

  4. flyasthesky

    these pumps are bananas…grail status…those Agendas bkbigjay posted the link to are dope too, ive never seen those b4


    INSTANT CLASSIC among collectors. If you haven’t seen these you probably weren’t born yet. You could twist the dial to pump different chambers then press the button to release the air! Where else could you do that! HOT! I still have my jacked up pair so I am jealous of this clean pair. If you can cop these somewhere, KEEP EM. You probably will never see em retro. I have seen em go for 2k+ on The BAY. AMAZING POST! Thank you NiceKicks!

  6. TechNutt

    Those are high, high tops. But I didn’t like them then and dont like them now. Way too much highness for me. Sorry to say but I’m straying from the pack.

  7. FelonyRuckus

    I own a pair of these, I bought them because I had ankle problems at the time and they were very supportive. I liked playing ball with them but, they were HEAVY!!!!

  8. killahdef

    these kicks are whack son. i mean maybe back in the day, but honestly , whith everything that has come out since then, you would seriously pay for these? come on.

  9. TASJ7045

    You can’t get much higher of a high top than these. These remind me of the McFly’s from the Back To the Future movie. GREATEST THROWBACK THURSDAY YET!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. jibby

    thanks for the pics matt. as always, your photography is on point. after seeing these in the clash of the kicks I remembered back in 7th grade when someone copped these. they looked even higher back then!

  11. Jibby,

    Big thanks on the compliments. I never was into photography until I found how much fun it could be with sneakers :-)

    The pair that was shot was a size 8 or 8.5 so one can only imagine how high a size 17 went! I know a few PE collectors out there probably have a pair or two of Robinson’s pairs.

  12. TASJ7045

    The pump on these remind me of the pump on the Answer X (I think, I’m not a big Answer shoe fan). I think they should retro these and do an update with a mid top shoe with this pump or a running shoe. Reebok’s pump running shoes have been a flop in my opinion. I had the running shoes that inflated themselves from about 3 years ago and they broke and were uncomfortable. One foot pumped and the other was loose. Their pump running shoes now are stiff as a brick. But if Nike did them with possibly Zoom Air, that would be sweet. Why didn’t Nike get sued over using the pump? It seems the shoe companies get pretty sue happy over things. Like Nike suing Adidas over A3 being like Shox. I’m surprised Nike didn’t get sued by Reebok over their new new air/shox running shoe it looks exact like an old Reebok running shoe called the Avator (i think that was the name).

  13. ^ I agree that in this day and age most companies are pretty lawsuit happy, but as long as Nike’s Air Pump technology didn’t use the same patented method as Reebok’s then Reebok’s position would be hard to argue. You can’t patent a concept or the “what”, just a proprietary technology or the “how”.

    I have not heard an update on the Nike vs. Adidas suit over A3. I don’t think Nike has much of an argument since A3 used midsole foam rather than rubber in the Shox. Frankly, I thought the lawsuit was more of a PR move to call out Adidas publicly and formally as copying Nike.

    Back to the 180 Pumps, I would LOVE to see these come back whether the pump technology worked as well as the originals or not. This was such an awesome shoe and best of all, Nike already has the molds for the midsole/outsole :-)

  14. sneakFREAK

    Matt, my man, those are INCREDIBLE! I never see those on eBay and when I do they always have busted up midsoles and trashed soles.

    Big props.

  15. Rich

    im mad as hell that I threw my pair of these away after they got abused when i was in 7th grade. I didnt even realize how good of a deal i got back in the day. I got my pair back then for $100.00!! cuz they didn’t sell well. I would do ANYTHING for a a pair of these now! Im hoping Nike retros these as a christmas present for me.

  16. YouKnow

    they cool, not a fan of swampers, but that commercial was funny, david stern gives crappy birthday presents. lol

  17. yo these were like the first public released version of the 2015 marty mcfly’s….lol… hot, david robinson needs to push these bad boys back into circulation at the original retail price…..and NIKE NEEDS TO QUIT PLAYIN” GAMES AND RELEASE THE NIKE MCFLYS WITH OR WITHOUT LIGHTS AND POWER LACES already…..let’s go people…..I NEED THAT SHOE MORE THAN ANY JORDAN OR SB>>>>>>lol

  18. yo these were like the first public released version of the 2015 marty mcfly’s….lol… hot, david robinson needs to push these bad boys back into circulation at the original retail price…..and NIKE NEEDS TO QUIT PLAYIN” GAMES AND RELEASE THE NIKE MCFLYS WITH OR WITHOUT LIGHTS AND POWER LACES already…..let’s go people…..I NEED THAT SHOE MORE THAN ANY JORDAN OR SB>>>>>>lol…yo remember the air release valve you had to carry in your pocket with these kicks….man they need to retro these and not for like 800 bucks at only 3 stores in the world either….lmao

  19. solesaved

    They still kickin up dust Now as the did by then! They gotta bring these back! I don’t know if Mr. Robinson still has any pull with Nike but if do please talk to em i really don’t think any of the Pumps RBK OR NIKE fit that great it least i know the rbk didn’t you could pump that ball in the tongue all day and sit not get a better fit than just pulling ya laces extra tight it was all about marketing what we call hype these days but if got a pair back then ya rep went up about 100% these are major to any collection and if you got the OG’s don’t let em go.

  20. Does anyone remember Nike’s law suit against Dada for the Solesonic Force?

    This Shoe is my favorite Nike of all time right in front of the Air Force Lite. If you were born after 1984 or didn’t see David Robinson play without Tim Duncan, I would not expect you to understand the impact of this shoe. I wish high top sneakers had a chance in this new aged market. Man this shoe is on my retro wish list along with the Next Sport Ewing.

  21. sbkicks

    man im a young cat so i wasnt here for these but can anyone explain to me y these r so hot. the entire bottom of the shoe hot but it looks liek it goes so high the could cover up tube socks plus they look real heavy.

    where they that hot back in the day/ now or dudes just wanna get for the memories

  22. LOL I guarantee all the youngbucks in the post are those who dislike these. Or they’re either a clown who rocks and sells fakes AND/or wears wack GR’s and think they’ve got a “sick collection.”


    But damn, think about if they’re EVER re-released, people like me @ 5’8″ will have half their legs swallowed up in these. LOL

    I’d still most definitely purchase and rock these. Any shoe (or item) that takes me back to my childhood, is a keeper in my books.

  23. willywill

    Nike, please don’t bring this back. What’ll they cost in today’s market? 2008’s economy’s in tough shape like it was back in ’92 when these hideous creations were introduced. Bring back something people would want like the 11s…

  24. CertifiedSnkrHead_ATL

    I’m totally in awe!Great shoes and you did your thing with the photos.

    Let us pray…
    Our sneaker gods, thou art in Oregon, NIKE be thy name…


  25. cheyo

    man, i gots 2 tellya, Im 19, first time Ive ever seen these…

    But Go DAAAAAMN they good looking, I dig, did those come out in any different color wave, they sick, I dont mind high tops, my pops made me fall in love with the classic shoe with his Converse Battles, vere since then I automatically drool for a pair like this. Plus Im 6’3″ so they wouldnt be a problem for me, haha

  26. jim

    i have all the old 180s except these i would do anything for them they are classic i mailed nike and asked last year they did not even reply they would sell out straight away i dont understand maybe somethin could be set up to give to nike to show the demand for these they wont loose out they would make a fortune

  27. dan

    man y wuld nike file a lawsuit against reebok when reebok clearly came up wif the pump 1st the reebok pumps came out in the 80s these however came out in the 90s

  28. ruben

    these are odeee ….i remember these from the fresh prince days
    PLSZZ RELEASE ILL COP AT ANY COSTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Mikey

    Please Nike for all our sake do not retro these shoes! Nike has an unfortunate habit of ruining once classic shoes. More than likely they will be retroed in some horrible purple colour and in a mid top without a pump! Nike should take a page from Reebok’s book and retro them as they were back in the day e.g. Reebok Pump bringback. They were exactly as they were in 1989 which is why they did so well. Dont save your breath guys honestly, you will be highly disappointed if they ever did retro these shoes because you know what to expect from Nike. Also, nicekicks if you are listening, Ive checked out ebay and they are selling used Command forces. If I wear them, will they be destroyed? Or should i just admire them?

  30. Don

    I actually have two pairs of the Nike pump hightops. One has the air release valve on the rear; one has the air release valve on the side of each shoe. They were the most comfortable, most supportive shoes of their time. Unfortunately, when I took them out of their boxes last year to give them another wear, the bottoms literally fell apart from dryrot, I guess.

    I’d buy the new ones in a minute if they were offered. The first pair cost me about $100, and the updated pair (air release valve on the side) cost about $140.

  31. chevyboy

    do you have a pair of these for sale? I lost an auction for a deadstock pair on ebay a couple of months ago and i am dying to get my hands on a pair. help me out Matt…

  32. Wal

    Getting on a bit now, but found my 180 Force in an old bag which is why I am asking the question, what are they worth ? I paid $475.00 AUD back in 1991, it took me my first 2 full time pay chqs to pay for them ! They were placed above Air Jordans in my local Sports Shop so had to have them, don’t play Backetball, now married with 2 kids, should I list on ebay, what sort of money would I expect, someone younger who might get some form of enjoyment should buy them, wore them last week to a work do, looked like a pimp from the late 80’s – Cheers Wal

  33. stef

    they are really beautiful

    i ve got one original paire new ,last year i tried to wear the shoes and both soles craked everywhere !!
    i still have the shoes but i m very sad now

  34. I had a pair of the 180 force pumps with the air release on the back during the heyday of my collecting years. I can’t believe I gave them away, boxfresh to the german son of my landlady who didn’t really even appreciate them. Gosh I was soooo dumb, tp think I had warderobe of air max, jordan’s and I was a student and today I can’t even strech to picking up a pair of retros!

  35. pete

    had these back in 1992 when playing ball, mum got me them for $400 australian when i hurt my knee at a b ball tourney in the city… i loved em, got em with the jordan 8’s ….

  36. KB

    SNAP! I am probably making myself look old to some of ya’ll younger cats. But I had these when I was a Freshman in HS. They were the dopest shoes out and only one other kid in my school had them. You could twist the knob on the side and it changed which section received air. They tightened around your ankle and sides/top of your foot if I remember. When you pressed the button they made a wicked “Whoosh” kind fo sound as the air released.They were the first and only pair of shoes my folks bought me that was over $100. LOL If Mom’s hadn’t won at Bingo I wouldn’t have gotten them. Thanks for flashin me back. Play on playa. :)

  37. scott

    I owned a pair of these exact sneeks, paid $150 for the displays, most money I ever spend and the dam things fell apart in a year, air valves leaked…what a waste

  38. Chad

    These shoes are amazing. I have a pair that I only wore a handful of times back in the early 90’s. I have them in storage and if anyone is interested in buying them all reasonable offers would be considered. I think I have the original david Robinson brochure that came with the shoes as well!!!

    Let me know if your interested!

  39. CB

    I owned a pair of these in a different colourway.
    Wore them and loved them.
    They weren’t in great condition but an awesome part of my collection. A few years back my Mum threw them out without me knowing. I’m still shattered!!!

  40. TRUTH 4 U HATERZ!!!


  41. Chris

    I love these! My friend had them in 5th grade, i just looked in awe. Didn’t you have to buy some kind of compressed air pack to fill these up?

  42. joe smith

    I really don’t understand what the people at Nike are doing…who told them that these fluorescent kicks they are coming out with attract customers?I decided not to wear Nike shoes anymore until they bring back the true high tops or retro kicks.I was a fan of Nike but they discouraged me for good.

  43. J.W. CHOI

    I had one when I was middle school period back in old days, I really want this back into my shoe box.. After my mother ahas given away this to Charity shop for no reason, and I was crying almost…

    if anyone has this beautifully engineered airforce180, let me know I am interested in buying it. I am size 8.5 in U.K. measurement.

    what a lovely change to evoke my memory.!

  44. Matt

    Hey I have a brand new pair of these in my closet. Never worn, still in the original box/case with the airpump. Im thinking about selling these. I wonder what they are worth. Where can I find that information at. If interested call me 404 207-0953

  45. troy

    I NEEEED THESE SHOES!!!!!!! I’m a huge fan of hightop shoes especially the vintage ones. I would go to extreme lengths to get these shoes. There are a number of other hightops I know that aren’t made any more that I gotta have. I need to know if there is anything I can do to get the shoes of my dreams

  46. Greg

    I found a pair of these in my cupboard at home. I bought off a mate for $50 bux about 10 years ago and they were too small for me so they in pretty good condition. I not really interested in getting rid of them but I would be pretty keen to find out what they worth. Any one know?

  47. Russell Jensen

    Hey All,

    I have a pair of these for sale, in decent condition, no box size 10.5 US if interested. I am in the LA area

  48. Steve

    Coolest. Shoes. Ever.
    Even in Australia. Back in high school, swapped my regular Air 180 Force’s for a day with a guy who got some from the US. These were so much better I didnt want to give them back!
    If they ever retro these, I’m buying multiple pairs.
    Note to Nike – These WILL sell, even if only online.

  49. libra0487

    if anyone has these shoes in size 11 1/2 – 12 PLEASE let me know!! i’m trying to get these for my bf for christmas
    thanks :)

  50. tomislav b.

    can u plz tell my can i buy that shoes now?
    i think that they aren’t in sale now??
    if they are , pls tell me :D

  51. jimmynokia

    me and you alike want these remade i mailed nike and no reply they are the only nike not retroed i have all the old air except these some of mine are bran new vaccum sealed in a box worth a bomb but i want these big time

  52. London Boy

    I had a pair when i was like 15, really would like to get some new ones – i am size 12 (US), let me know

  53. Chris

    I just published an auction (in a “famous” online-auction-house – I will not post the link because I think it?s not allowed here?) with this pair of shoes… starting price is 1 Euro – int?l bidders are welcome.

    If you like to have a look at the photos – pls let me know.

    Best regards

  54. YO MAMA!

    These shoes are insanely awesome and i think nike should definently bring those smokin shoes back because like i said are insanely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. YO MAMA!

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  58. Mitch

    Anybody have any idea where I can order these 180 PUMP kicks online???
    Would be greatly appriciated, thnx!


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