Nike Zoom Turf Virginia Tech SampleWe can only speculate about these samples, but given the Nike Zoom Turf being Nike’s flagship turf retro sneaker and Mike Vick being their headlining football endorsee, it would be pretty safe to conclude that these Nike Zoom Turf retros were cooked up with inspiration drawn from Vick’s alma mater of Virginia Tech.

This colorway was never released in 2007 along with the Zoom Turfs that currently reside at Nike Outlet stores. Info thanks to the freshly redesigned Kicksaholic/BeatMagic.

Nike Zoom Turf Virginia Tech Sample
Nike Zoom Turf Michael Vick Virginia Tech Samples

Nike Zoom Turf Virginia Tech Sample
Nike Zoom Turf Michael Vick Virginia Tech Samples

  • 100RouNz

    Mike V should b ashamed…

  • G-Roc

    WOW…I’ve never seen those before. Not bad either!

  • J.King

    A life ruined…a lesson for us all.

  • zaybo09

    dey str8

  • rubber_soulz

    idk bout that suede ish.. love the soles tho.

  • Vick’s a foggot

    Michael Vick will forever go down as biggest idiot in all of professional sports. He had everything, and threw it away. What a douche.

  • j.r.

    Mike Vick will 4ever B remembered as dat DUDE on da field especially when it comes to physical ability and a REAL N**** off the field & a BEAST in MADDEN!!!

  • Dixon Syder

    Straight goods J.R.! It’s so easy to jump on the hate bandwagon! He bred fighting dogs for fighting! Crime? If your a huge animal fan then i guess you might be a lil salty at the way he treated his dogs…sorry to hear that. None of that takes away from his ability to play a game. Free VICK!

    Big Dix


    these have nothing to do with vick. nike did a air max 90 a dunk and few other shoes in this colorway, it was a pack dedicated to black colleges, these just got scrapped.

  • rod

    there’s more to vtech than vick. besides individual highlights, he hasn’t achieved anything.

  • cash20

    i think it needs a dead dog on its side,michael vick is a DIK

  • lilrip133

    it kills me how even before the accolades people praised peyton manning and in the same breath said vick never did anything despite him leading virginia tech to the national championship (although they did fall short) and then considering peyton never made it there… hmmm

    but anyway, nice shoe, much support for vick. i feel that in comparison to other dog fighting rings, he got the shaft.

  • j.r.

    a wise man once said


  • BIG T

    Good quote form Lil weezy’s Gossip song.

  • flyasthesky

    quit hatin on vick….
    he did what he did, he apologized…
    get over it…

    i guarantee he come back to the league with a jail body, and destroys like he did b4 he left..

  • raythedamager

    Dogs not people!! Too many people in this country care about animals more than they do about people. This is rediculous. Get over it! Leave Vick alone. If he was white all would be forgotten and swept under the rug. White folks can do anything and a yr later people will treat them like it never happened…

  • greenmaker24

    colorway on these joints r dope

  • ryan jackson

    like on some real ish/// first offf they change the suede to a leather the shoe will be flame cuz i remember thez back in like the 90’s i played in them in football great shoe….. and second the simple fact nike is giving love back to a man who was basically the the MJ of nike gridiron shows alot of love and respect to mike….. and thrid i mean dang can we get over it they were dogs true true he was kinda messed up for killin them that way but i mean get over theres dudes runnin around raping little kids who dont catch as much heat as mike vick i mean as a man he messed up faced his mistake like a man took the jail time and apologized i mean dude let it be… and plus he was a beast on the field

  • Darneezy

    Just think, over 4,000 troops in the US Armed Forces have died in 5 years in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., but all we care about is prosecuting a guy who fought dogs/led a dog fighting ring.


    Vick vs. T.I. – I do believe T.I. is most ignorant of them all.
    What Vick did, compared to T.I. and his 45 YEARS he’ll be getting in prison, Vick’s “crime” is like stealing chalk from a classroom.

    You fools can NEVER stay on the subject matter, which are the shoes itself. And being that it’s just a sample, there’s no guarantee it’ll release, let alone be a Vick Tribute… seeing as though all ties with Vick and Nike are as good as done, FOREVER!

    If they do drop, in limited numbers, I can promise you, they’ll be BIG and hard to get, unless you kick out OVER $500.00!

  • Logan

    Forget all yall that b putting Mike Vick down. he mad one mistake and yall wanna get on him fo that..lik yall aint eva make a mistake in ya life. aint no perfect. [[FREE MIKE VICK]]
    and the shoes r ok…

  • Jordan Thompson


    ive been informed that mike vick did not server 1 day in prison. he is still living his regular life just has to to stay under the radder for a couple more months. even the criminal justice system is a where of this. this is wat happens when u have money. the only reason he filed for bankruptcy was so he doenst have to pay off his creditors. rich people do it all the time even bill gates filed for bankruptcy 12 times, if u dont believe me look it up, it was hard for me to believe to when i first heard of it. u can have all the money in the world and file for bankruptcy just to avoid creditors. and for all u haters saying i hope he never gets to play in the nfl again, im sorry to say it is fact that he???ll be back in the nfl by the latest 2010. money rules the world.