Kurt Cobain Converse Sneakers

To say that some Nirvana and Cobain fans were not happy to hear about an upcoming release of Kurt Cobain edition Converse sneakers is a major understatement. We received quite a few pieces of hate email thanks in large part to a rock station telling listeners that we were behind it! (We won’t put you on blast like you did to us).

The collection of Cobain kicks feature two parts – one are “vintagized” versions of the Chuck Taylor, One Star, and Jack Purcell while the other is a collection of Chucks covered in Cobain’s sketches and writings from his journal entries.?? Converse worked from beginning to end with Kurt’s widow Courtney Love on the project.?? Converse shoes were a major part of Cobain’s life.?? From living underneath a bridge all the way to MTV’s Unplugged and sadly until his end, Cobain wore Converse every step of the journey.

Photo feature after the jump provided to us by SlamxHype.

Kurt Cobain Converse Sneakers
Kurt Cobain Converse Chuck Taylor Vintage

Kurt Cobain Converse Sneakers
Kurt Cobain Converse One Star Vintage

Kurt Cobain Converse Sneakers
Kurt Cobain Converse Jack Purcell Vintage

Kurt Cobain Converse Sneakers
Kurt Cobain Converse Chuck Taylor

Kurt Cobain Converse Sneakers
Kurt Cobain Converse Chuck Taylor

Kurt Cobain Converse Sneakers
Kurt Cobain Converse Chuck Taylor Low

  • snkcrz23

    il prolly cop the white mids and the black mids/ sketches and writings 1s. but these are hot

  • pup

    i already have some chucks that look like the top ones, theyre in the back of my closet somewhere haha

  • greenmaker24

    the vintage chucks and the chucks that are mainly white with the sketches r nice

  • edo

    imo, (in regards to the Chucks for this series) Kurt’s journal should have never been released to begin with – it’s his personal writings. These shoes only take Courtney Love’s actions a step further & has lowered my respect for both Converse & Nike.

  • conversehater

    screw courtney & converse

  • solesaved


  • johnny qb

    what’s funny is that they didn’t even get the one stars right. i have some from this time and they:
    1. didn’t have stupid “ONE STAR” written on the side
    2. didn’t have the one star tag on the tongue
    3. had really fat laces
    i bet nike also put all that stupid fuzz on the bottom that they’re putting on chucks now. the soles at that time were black. also, the insole was really thick, betting these are not. i’ll scour ebay for another pair from this time, thankyewverymuch.

  • 716’sfinest




  • John

    this is a disgrace to kurt…the true fans know..all the preppy 12 yr old posers will buy this thinking that they are hardcore for some reason

  • soulie17

    dag yo u dont gotta be hatin bout all dis. they r pretty tite kicks and …… o never mind u r wack dogg

  • http://www.nicekicks.com young baller

    man dem things is ugly shoes i ever seen

  • http://www.myspace.com/porn0graffiK Darneezy

    Don’t have or ever owned any Chucks, but I like pair #4. (not that I’m planning on buying)

  • Julia

    Lets celebrate kurt by wearing the shoes he died in and giving reaping the benifits to his murderer. Great work converse, way to represent.

  • JD

    This is not even about these shoes looking good or not…and they do look good. This about the whoring out of Kurt’s name and legacy by his drug addict wife. This is a digrace to nirvana, kurt, and converse.

  • Heather

    Who gives a flying ****?! He’s dead, it’s not like it matters. Seriously, hate mail for SHOES?

  • Heather

    He’s dead. get over it. They’re just shoes.

  • http://N/A James

    I have been a nirvana fan since day one of bleach. And I love converse as well. And for all you newbie wannabie Nirvana fans trying to act tough and give the shoes a sh!t list, By saying this is a disgrace and all the other crap you people say. You don’t know sh!t. Read the cover of journals Kurt said read this when I’m gone and figure me out. Not to mention that he was him self planning on doing his own book due to the fact of all the bull crap press. He would also find these shoes not disrespectful but funny and a stupid idea but he would also say their kinda kool in a strange way as well. So get over your self’s people. And R.I.P Kurt, Miss ya.



    Why would anyone support courtney love?
    She’s a stupid *****.
    Kurt did not deserve her ****.

    All you people are writing comments like you knew Kurt.
    Well as far as i know none of you knew him, so leave his pride alone and let him RIP!

    If you really love Kurt dont bag him, or his life.

  • K.R.E.A.M.

    They’re shoes for Christ’s sake, chill.

  • greg

    Correction. These are not just shoes. They are basically representing everything kurt cobain hates in this world. He would never want his poetry on a pair of stupid converse. They are selling him like a whore, and Courtney really needs the money, she already sold his clothes!

  • Caroline

    >< I like these shoes, but would it be mena to Kurt if I got them? I mean –assuming Kurt killed himself– part of the reason he killed himslef was to support Courtney. And, GODAMMIT, I want those SHOES!

  • Caroline


  • Caroline

    –I do think that the “One Star” is kinda… really stupid– I like the white high tops w/ the black writing.

  • Pete

    Greg is 150% right.

    Converse can go to hell, milking Kurt’s name just to sell shoes… Courtney only cares about the $, she doesn’t give a crap about Kurt.

  • rikki

    all i have to say is, if any of cobains fans *actually* buy these then they deserve worse that converse and Love do.

    Hey, River Phoenix died in his converse allstars! why dont they start a ‘dead celeb’ *range*?! the ad’s can have all these peoples final moments re-enacted? “converse. with you til the end”? loosers.

  • ryan

    honestly the shoes look good, the white sketched lows look real good

  • zahin

    @ James: thank you for knowing what you are talking about.
    cobain would probably have a good laugh at this.
    @ all you nirvana noobs: seriously. relax. these are just shoes. you wanna fight corporates? you hate courtney? all you can do is whine. every little thing around you is a product of the corporate world you’re living in. deal with it.
    as for these shoes, if you like ’em, get ’em. if you don’t, stop wasting your time commenting on these and go do some homework.

  • jamie

    Kurt wanted his journals to be read. If you knew anything about him you’d know that.
    Courtney love is most definitely a whore though.

  • http://www.hate12nene.buzznet.com necy

    I just got the black Kurt Cobain Converse Chuck Taylors 2-day!!!! lyk about a half n hour ago!! these shoes are raw!!!! in the have writting in the soul!

  • bob denver

    i dont know why they are sposed to be kurt cobain related they just have a bunch of writing on them.

  • bob denver

    response to zahin: dude, im sposed to be doing homeork right now!

  • bob denver

    its not bad to kurt cobain that they are making these shoes. it is a good thing. it is a respect to kurt cobain. i mean now that u say that courtney love came up with the idea, i could see why u would think that. hey, think of all the other dead rock and roll celebs who didn’t get their own shoes. did john lennon get his own shoes? i was going to do a report on on kurt cobain, but my teacher didn’t let me. instead she told me i could do one of the beatles. yet here i am talking about how kurt has a line of his own shoes, while actually i am supposed to be doing (as i said before) research on john lennon.
    okay just a few more things on the agenda:
    commies suck
    chocolates is tasty
    and… poop

  • bob denver

    for those people who are saying:
    “calm down they are just shoes.”
    shut up! if u really dont care u wouldnt be writing on this website.
    based on how controversial this is, no one is going to listen to u!
    poop : )

  • Devin

    True Nirvana fans shop at thrift stores, while attempting to run away from their horrible lives. They play music in dingy basements. They like odd books and paint odd paintings. They don’t ask their mom to buy “KURT COBAIN” shoes on the internet. That’s not grunge; that’s cheesy, misguided materialistic America. Rather than finding your identity by buying these shoes, find your identity by embodying the values you believe in.

    These are a disgrace. Kurt would’ve laughed at this.

  • liz

    are these all the models of the shoes? and do the journal editions only come in chuck taylor style?

    and to everybody freaking out over all this:
    stop freakin out! theyre just shoes and personally i’m gonna buy some to honor him b/c kc wuz just that amazing and if u want to buy them buy them, if not then dont! and stop posting negative things! thx =)

  • Lindsay

    You People Seriously Have No Life….Bashing A Guy Who Died….GET A LIFE!!!! There Shoes And If Someone Wants To Buy Them Great If Not Oh Well Dont Be So Negative…

  • aj

    at least c.love did something right for once. this is an amazing idea, and if you dont like the idea…then dont by the shoes? its not a hard concept


    ok, DEVIN. your truly truly retarded. Being a Kurt Cobain FAN isnt like being Kurt HIMSELF. Thinking you should do everything exactly like him and live exactly the way he did is 1. trying way too hard and 2. being a wanna-be. you sound ignorant. and for the rest of you guys, sure kurt wouldve laughed at this but he wouldve at the same time thought it was somewhat cool.
    So stop talking sh!t about him, thats not being a “true nirvana fan” thats being an idiot who thinks they know everything.
    i personally think its great people are honoring him in a way, so stfu.

  • sky colver

    okay kiersten i agree with you 100%
    you sound cool
    we should meet up
    kurt loved courtney
    he says so in about a son
    he loved her
    and i think its great that he is being honored like this
    all of you people talking about the “true nirvana fan”
    what is that?
    you dont even know
    to be a true fan is to support the band in every way that you can
    and if kurt loved courtney
    and courtney came up with the idea
    support them
    thats a true fan
    and DEVIN
    you arnt talkin about being a “true nirvana fan”
    you are talking about being kurt
    and he already did that
    like i said before, to be a true fan means to support the band
    not be like kurt…..

  • alecia

    You stupid ass cows!
    these shoes are cool!
    so if i bought these i would be a poser!? now how does that work! This is in respect to him now i agree i hTE COURTNEY LOVE AND ALL BUT SHE SOMETMES DOES THINK OF THE FANS! now you idiots who cant spell with the dat is posin what the crap is that!!! no i cant cus otherwise you who are saying stupid stuff would here me out!!! so if we buy these we feel hardcore? well i bet when you buy your brittney spears and hannah montana dolls you probably feel very gay and hardcore huh! Im a hardcore fan of nirvana as well as my freind ethan and if you asked him one thing about nirvana he could answer and we think these are cool!is that a crime in your little life!? so shut the hell up and let nirvana fans be fans!!! and who are you to call anyone a poser when your the POSER who looked at this page and im guessing you dont even like nirvana cuz any fan would like these! show somw respect for kurt!! he will always live in our hearts for those who do respect him! Dumbass

  • shelby

    This is really touching i mean for serious there kirt cobain shoes he is like awseomist at song writing and he’s a role model and inspiration for billions of kids around the world . i like the idea lol

  • Devin

    Few things Kiersten. I’m not talking about being Kurt himself, I’m talking about embodying the values he valued; the grunge ethos, the hypersensitive, saracastic ethos that overwhelmed the youthful generation Kurt’s music and art steered. It had meaning and message. These shoes prostitute his image in a commercialistic and degrading way. They don’t celebrate his life; the company is capitalizing on his legacy to make money, and the naive, under-informed fans like you buy into it because it’s all you know. I don’t blame you for you liking these shoes… the society we live in today taught you to be that way, but you must know, it’s not the same ideology Kurt embodied.

  • Linn

    I have pair number four and i AM a true fan. I dont believe in all the fuss about these shoes, but i do believe that they are BEAUTIFUL! I do NOT think Kurt would really mind. It is a commemoration to him and this he would appreciate. He wouldnt have been in a band if he didn’t want to be famous. and if you get really famous, they make shoes after you! RIP MY LOVE!!!!
    If u do not like it, dont buy them, but dont freak out about it.
    I just want some Three days grace shoes! lol

  • Lena

    i got the white hi tops…i really don’t see what is wrong with them. i mean they are just shoes with writings on it. if it is disrespectful to Kurt wouldn’t writing his lyrics on other places be disrespectful too? i know this might be a way for courtney to get money but still… i love Nirvana and Kurt and i think these shoes are just a memoir to a great person…<3

  • 1993liberationist


  • Dan

    Kurt was a normal dude, caught up in a Hollywood machine that made him into a god which he was not, and did not want to be seen as. Courtney has been unfairly blamed for his death without any supporting evidence, and I think the reason why she has had substance abuse problems is because of the transposed guilt and the loss.

    Let’s let this thing go people, especially after all these years have passed, just let it go. If you are any fan of Nirvana, and you want to stay true to what Kurt hoped to accomplish, then remember him for who he truly was. Just an average man with a talent for songwriting, nothing more. He was not a supernatural being. The Hollywood vultures want you to believe the lies so you will buy the merch. This is the same thing that has been done with Elvis, Janis, Jim Morrison, Hendrix, the list goes on and on. Wake up! At a certain point it becomes less about the music and more about the money, especially when the artist is out of the picture.

    Regarding the shoes, I could care less. I have some old chucks that are nice and worn out, very comfortable. I wouldn’t trade them for 10 pair of these any day.

    Why? Because they’ve been my best friends in my life’s travels and they tell a story. MY story, not someone else’s. That’s what curt would have said about these shoes. They’re fake, and anyone who sees Hollywood for what it truly is, is better off.

  • JC

    Wow! Vultures! Strong words! What I want to know is why is Hollywood suddenly to blame? All the world uses savvy marketing to make a profit, this is not specific to Hollywood.
    And another thing, I don’t understand this attitude of putting down others who aren’t “a true fan”. I’m not sure why we have to argue about who discovers an artist first anyway. Maybe I wasn’t fortunate enough to be born in that generation, but I found Nirvana and liked them. Sometimes the negativity surrounding an artist drives people away. I think it’s time for all fans of Nirvana to start getting along with each other. Bickering is for children.

  • JC

    I don???t understand this attitude of putting down others who aren???t ???a true fan???. I???m not sure why we have to argue about who discovers an artist first anyway. Maybe I wasn???t fortunate enough to be born in that generation, but I found Nirvana and liked them. Sometimes the negativity surrounding an artist drives people away. I think it???s time for all fans of Nirvana to start getting along with each other. Bickering is for children.

  • Dia

    What the heck?
    There is really NO Reason to spaz out over these shoes.
    You don’t like them?
    You Like Them?
    Buy them.
    Its that simple.

  • xxflipperxx

    o and john
    im twelve
    i love nirvana
    i love kurt

    u kan kiss my ASSets

    o i also do not own a ramones shirt
    i dont no y evry1 got them after he died

    stereotypes are so ugly

  • xxflipperxx


    my family knows the cobains
    i went 2 frances 6th bday party

    kurt wud have hated this

  • xxflipperxx

    ghys lay off courtney they did truly love eachother
    she has mistakes and has not learned from them
    u guys are acting like u know her and shes a whore
    she really isnt that bad
    any of u guys hoo think that she murdered kurt u can go suck an egg
    u are an anoying little prick
    wtf are u doing on this website
    “true nirvana fans” come as they are
    u try to hard
    i shop at thrift stores cuz i like to
    not cuz im a wannabe
    i acctually listen to nirvanas music thankuverymuch
    grunge lives on in any one hoo listens to nirvana
    im so cheesy
    but seriously
    lay of courtney
    i no she is a biznatch sometimes and this is revolting but she did really love him
    and thinkhow u wud feel if u were frances or courtney, having to livve feeling guilty bout his suicide
    she just needs to like move away from modern day culture and paparazi and shiz its making her crazy

  • xxflipperxx

    GO DAN



  • joe c c

    Kurt was a great artist,but that was years ago, support his music, listen to it, but other then that get a life, go to church love God the way you do kurt, cause he’s just a tad more important.

  • Laweez

    Now much as I love Kurt Cobain I’m not too sure about these shoes. I think it’s a little bit off putting his diaries and stuff on shoes.

    But! They have been published in a book before so maybe its not that big a deal.

    But! Courtney love getting the money!? For F*cks sake! She’s a stupid B*tch and she deserves nothing! Why are they selling Kurt’s work and giving the money to his F*cking murderer!?!

    Shame on you converse.

  • Really?

    Okay. This is so funny.

    I love Nirvana. I love that band. Enough said.

    I want these shoes because they are a way of remembering this amazing time in history. I like the song written on there, I like converse.

    So fu*k all you haters. I’m buying my f*cking shoes.


    I love Nirvana. I like converse. Maybe I shouldn’t wear a Nirvana band shirt unless it came from pre 94. I don’t know, all I know is that I love the music! I can identify with it. All you hipsters out there if you like Nirvana, fine. I grew up on Nirvana. Whether I know all their songs or maybe just Smells Like Teen Spirit, what difference does it make! If just one song struck a chord with you thats fine.

    Anyways I bought the shoes. They look good and I don’t care if I wear them out, so they look “vintage” ,or if they look “brandnew” all the time!! If these shoes were at a thrift store, walmart, or whatever I would have got them. If I had to stop partying for a few weekend to afford them, I probably would do that. But, they are chuck t’s and they aren’t the most expensive shoes in the world. I would have a problem if like Nike made a Cobain shoe. I don’t think anyone would buy them if they were made by Nike.

    By the way, artists like to do art to express themselves. The more they are appreciated the more they are, in a way understood as a person. Sometimes, people like things, because they represent something they what to be part of, not because they like it. Thats fine.

    All I know is I’ll always like Nirvana even when its not cool. I remember being in high school I wore the Nirvana shirt with the yellow smiley and was sent home to change. They probly don’t do that nowadays. I just remember that if you liked Nirvana in those days you were either just riding the hipster wave(they loved “Smells like Teen Spirit”), or were just a nerdy oddball.(We loved Incesticide!) I was the later.

  • Dani

    “From living underneath a bridge all the way to MTV???s Unplugged and sadly until his end, Cobain wore Converse every step of the journey.”

    -just a note that Kurt Cobain did not live under a bridge…
    shows how much you know about him?!

  • mia

    where can i buy these?

  • xenofinger

    does anyone know why kurt killed himself? It was because he couldnt stand seeing his music and his love whored in the commercial world that is america. he represented the underdog, the dirty and diseased. even when he became famouse his life wasnt all caviar and cream. these shoes, being just that, shoes. dont represent anything kurt cobain. they’r just shoes, attempting to feed off his legacy. but by some of the comments im seeing, his fans are not to be fooled…

    Thank You.

  • Kurdt Kobain’s Friend

    “…I love Nirvana. I love that band. Enough said.

    I want these shoes because they are a way of remembering this amazing time in history. I like the song written on there, I like converse.

    So fu*k all you haters. I???m buying my f*cking shoes.”

    I’d have to agree with ‘Really?’ on this. What’s the big deal? I love these shoes because they serve as a a personal reminder of who Kurt was and what he achieved. And I love the designs and the lyrics to the songs which I love. And I love Kurt. I love his music. I’d like to walk around with these shoes on my feet. So why don’t we just respect that? Why do we have to get fussy about it? If you respect Kurt as a musician and dig his music… you should know why Converse designed this range. Enough said.

  • Jenny-fer

    okay so i’m a HUGE kurt cobain & Nirvana fan and the shoes are amazing in my point of view.
    As much as i know that Kurt hated being famous i want these shoes.
    But hes dead now, and obviously **** will never be the same.
    So Courtney love could go drown herself in money, for all i care.

  • Scott

    Chill out! Yes the journal should never have been released. But still the low jack purcells are pretty tight. im 14 and i dont think im all hard core i just think these are cool shoes and id still buy em even if converse didnt say anything about Kurt.

  • http://myspace.com/grandtheftautmunvshelena angelXCORE

    Hey, I own/am wearing the black chucks with the writing… and they look very kickass. But they ripped very easyly… for some reason I want more. amazing.
    They are hottt!

    and comfy, yet dont get them too big or they look effing retarded.



    (RIP Kurt, I MISS YOU!)

  • yambo

    dos kicks be ill. ill be sportin da top ones.

  • Just a Biit Obssessed

    Alright then Dani.

    “””???From living underneath a bridge all the way to MTV???s Unplugged and sadly until his end, Cobain wore Converse every step of the journey.???

    -just a note that Kurt Cobain did not live under a bridge???
    shows how much you know about him?!””””

    I just watched a documentary that my mother kindly recorded for me while i was out. I do believe the title was ‘True Stories : Kurt Cobain : About A Boy’. This documentary was on in the UK very recently. And the whole thing is told by kurt Cobain during interviews between ’92 and march ’93.

    And he blatantly says that he was living with friends a lot at one point but finally they got annoyed and stopped letting him. So for a short time he LIVED UNDER A BRIDGE so as to keep from getting his notebook etc wet. Wouldn’t you?

    GRUNGE PUNK, i think your input was pretty decent. and although i’m only 14, I was born at almost the exact time Kurt died. Save the jokes though guys. it totally affected the way i see music. My parents love Nirvana to this day. And I’m fine with knowing that in some religions people will turn round and say I’m him. But i’m no rock star. I’m me. and me is who i’ll always want to be. Just like cobain did. i even named my cat after the guy (it went and lay in the road and got run over later though)

    So yes, i want these shoes. So what? I don’t think Cobain would care, god bless him.

    To be honest, i think Kurt would be honoured. He lived, breathed, worked and died in these shoes.

    God bless Kurt Cobain,

    And Christ, i hope the jokes don’t start

  • Dana

    right on Just a Bit Obssessed!

    by the way, i’m a Nirvana fan and i always will be, i respect Kurt and i think he was an awesome person with an amazing soul, but i like these shoes! i’m buying the black ones with the lyrics cuz i think its cool that i can always have a part of his music with me and i don’t give a sh!t what anyone thinks about that, call me a nerd, a poser, whatever, i’ve been called nearly everything in the book, and you know something, noone else who is buying these shoes gives a damn what haters think, cuz they like them, and also, i shop at thirft stores (kinda unrelated, well… sorta anyway), i wear Nirvana shirts, and i can sit in my room for hours listening to Nirvana, so now because i like these shoes i’m a poser fan? anyone who thinks that way is just bringing down other fans, and isn’t praising Nirvana, just making other fans feel bad about themselvs, and thats not cool

  • Dana


  • Devin

    True Nirvana fans shop at thrift stores. They play music in dingy basements. They like odd books and paint odd paintings. They don???t ask their mom to buy ???KURT COBAIN??? shoes on the internet. That???s not grunge; that???s cheesy, misguided materialistic suburban America. Insecure teens who call themselves punks because they wear Kurt Cobain on their shirt, when meanwhile they go home and have their suburban mom make them Kraft Mac and Cheese.

    Rather than finding your identity by buying these shoes, find your identity by embodying the values you believe in. Not Kurt’s. Like the music, move on, and do whatever you need to do…. Hey, kids, you’re not Kurt Cobain.

    These are a disgrace. Kurt would???ve laughed at this.

  • qwerty

    i have already some chucks ^^

  • Keley

    I have the white high top chucks. I love them.

    RIP Kurt.

  • Amber

    I bought the doodles ones, I LOVE THEM

  • Me

    Im sad because of this.
    If you love kurt you have two roads to go by.
    1.These shoes keep his memory, and by buying them ur showing that u support him and what he stood for.
    2,If you buy these shoes ur supporting courtney and her ways.You donnt want to buy them coz she was a bit*h and so forth.
    Im torn between the two.
    If you deside to post a comment please dont make it a shoe or KURT bashing.Its sad he’s dead.But by posting comments its not going to bring him back.Support him by loving what he did and belived in.Not fighting over shoes…

  • fazuan

    hello..how low..cobain still not dead..grunge everywhere….

  • Nirvanaless

    Who are people to judge and say people are a true fan by what they wear? that has nothing to do with a true fan at all!
    wearing it is show your love for what ever it is PUBLIC.
    It makes you no less of a fan.
    Sure Kurt shoped at thrift stores and all that but he wouldnt want you do do that because he did or it made you a FAN…i cant speak for him but i think he could not give a damn about what we bought all he cared bout was his MUSIC not so much is Image he didnt want an Image.
    So all oyu haters and thouk you know it all can go shove a rusty shovel up your you know what and enjoy it!!!

  • Nirvanaless

    we all have diffrent views and opinions on things
    i mean you’ll do whatever you can to support a band and not care what other people say about it i guess if you listen to others peoples views just to seem less like a poser it make you more of a poser.right?
    No one can judge a true fan by what they wear its by what in their mind or heart!!!
    i happen to be a fan of nirvana i grew up listening to them.
    they are amazing they influence me im my music bu tim not gonna try to be them! im my own person…be your own mind you self dont worry about other people and what tjey are doing to support what they respect or love!!!

  • Devin

    Yeah, but Nirvana has become commercialized. And these shoes are an example of that. Kurt didn’t like the commercialization of his music. So you would be going against what Kurt intended his music to be. That’s not true fandom, that’s ignorant surburbanism… you posers….

  • Anne

    I like the shoes,and I seriously dont know what Kurt would think of it.
    and probably no one of us will never know.
    either he would be happy because Courtney still loved him enought to make him a memorial shoe line, either he would be pissed because he thought it was unnessearly or stupid.
    We’ll never know.
    I think that Kurt killed himself, i’ve seen videos on youtube that says that he’s still alive.
    and the same thing they say about 2pac.
    but come on! what’s like chanse of it?
    And were would he be without gettin found?
    It’s hard to fake deaths even how good argments it is.
    and he was suidcidal and he said it himself that he wanted to kill himself at times because of his stomachillnesses.
    and if its so that courtney gets all the bennefits of this shoe line I think that all the money should go to Frances. Kurt could not possible be mad if he knew that he’s daughter would get a good life out of it :)
    So I do really have mixed opinoins of this chase.
    Kurt wanted to be remembered,maybe it isn’t that bad?

  • maddy

    courtney love sux!

  • Nirvanaless

    I agree that the profit should go to Frances Bean.
    Courtny sucks and deserves nothing.

  • Chris

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