Kurt Cobain Converse One Star

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For years, Converse was the official sneaker for rock and a grungy pair could almost always be found on the feet of the late Kurt Cobain. Cobain loved his Converse sneakers that he was even wearing them when he tragically took his life 14 years ago.

With 25% of the Nirvana catalog sold to pay off some addiction tabs, Courtney Love has struck a deal with Converse to release a special make up for her late husband. This news has been a hot topic on Nirvana forums posing the valid question, what would Kurt think to know he has a sneaker deal with a subsidiary of Nike? Pics and info via The Daily Swarm / HypeBeast.

Kurt Cobain Converse One Star

Kurt Cobain Converse One Star
Kurt Cobain Converse One Star

Kurt Cobain Converse One Star
Kurt Cobain Converse One Star

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  1. qnzman989

    They’re def Cobain style with the grunge look and all, but I would want my kicks a little fresher right out the box.

  2. yeah, they do look a little too much like he wore these on the “Muddy Banks of the Wishkah”.

    Fresh pairs of these are sold at Target for $29.99 which is pretty cheap for a pair of shoes if you ask me.

  3. solesaved

    They a litte dingy but i guess that a good thing for a auction to get them in there orignal condition Somebody gonna pay big money for these.

  4. Dina

    Very disheartning….and an injustice to the memory of KURT…
    I would not pay 2 cents for anything that Courney Love is going to reap benefits from. MURDERER!! and the fact that you would put in your article that he was wearing Converse when he SUPPOSITLY took his own life just disgusts???me!

  5. Phoenyx

    Totally agree. Kurt would hate them.

    However, I used to have a couple of pairs of one stars and they are the most comfortable shoes ever. I would buy them simply for that reason… and the “new” one stars just look aweful with the rubber toe.

  6. Julia

    THIS IS MESSED UP!!!!!!!!! Good thing it says “please refrain from profanity” cos there’s a lot of things I wana say right now! I can’t beleive anyone would go for this. Last time I buy converse. Courtny is a ____________________

  7. eric duviella

    Are we serious a musician who killed himself, get over it. Let it go. He didnt do nothing special and he took his own life.What a loser, how bout a pair of shoes for the soldiers in Iraq.

  8. Dax

    those soldiers in Iraq wanted to join the army. They dont deserve a sneaker. Kurt deserves a sneaker, but yea C love is behind this and his death.

  9. eric

    Just as much as the soldiers wanted to join the army, Mr.Kurt wanted to end his life(shotgun to the head), so whats the point?

  10. ChristopherLee

    I was wondering if this is a good gift?

    honestly i don’t think it is but my friend thinks it is, i would never wear these pieces of ****. Excuse my french (stars).

  11. Vickie

    All you people who say he didn’t deserve sneakers? Wtf seriously, he was a musically talented hero and he has and will influence many people. And Iraq soldiers?, you can’t compare the two it’s ridiculous. That’s like saying there shouldn’t be any brand in the world, because there’s people dying in Iraq, but im sure your walking about with your Nike sneakers on, no questions asked.
    But many of you are right he would of hated this.

  12. Kevin

    I like this, it brings Kurt back

    and people who dont like it im sorry to say you are not a real fan, If anyhting this is a big thing, He died for a reason and to Live his name on is a good thing

  13. INOX

    What the HELL
    Everybody is so stuck on the courtney love conspiracy!!!!
    its bull****!!dude she didnt murder him if u really want to know about him watch “about a son” its narrated by kurt cobain and basicaly explains everything. She may be a b**** but she didnt kill him. Part of the reason he killed himself was because of his stomach problems that he had for years.Also he wanted everyone to leave his family alone!!
    And this isnt a disgrace to kurt because its somthing that commemorates him Converse sneakers !
    they are the icon of punk rock and kurt cobain.
    It would be different if there were kurt cobain etnies or nike THATS a disgrace

    –R.I.P. Kurt–

  14. allen

    this is all in greed! only to make converse and c. love more money. Kurt would be throwing rocks at both of them if he was still alive. No one and absolutely no one who is even a small fan of him should buy them. Today I will throw away all my converse. AND SHAME ON YOU TARGET, never shop there again!!!

  15. jake

    kurt was a great musician, and things that he sang about definitely inspired me. i think one thing he def. wouldnt want is a bunch of people to be arguing about it. if you dont think that it should be done, dont buy em. and seriously? iraqi soldiers? touchy antipatriot issues there, but with the 28% of my income the government gets they can probably buy shoes for a soldier you doosh. people who deserve respect get it, and courtney’s bad karma will catch up to her. personally i dont think these smell like teen spirit and i wont buy them, but ya know if you buy them in the right mindset to commemorate kurt instead of funding love’s heroin and crack addiction, then more power to you. i hang my kurt poster proud. btw, what do kris and dave think about this? anyone know?

  16. Courney is a vile murdering money grabbing b****. She as only done this to get money as kurt wanted a dirvorce as so she likked him. If she loved kurt and didn’t kill him she would know he would of completly hated this. Ok he would of wnated his own shoe but never of done it. Kurt rocks love sucks. I love you kurt. RIP

  17. If there werent from courney feeding her drug addiction I would buy them and treasure them as they are the last thing of kurt.
    I want to know what grohl and kris think of this.
    COURNEY LOVE SUCKS. Mudering SCUM.Go F*** youself

  18. Andrew Razor

    Alright. so I think the kicks are really well designed and cool. Sure its not “True” grunge, but its no different buying one of these than it is a jagstang guitar *in the context its all about merchandise* (which Kurt Cobain designed thank you very much) Maybe Courtney Love is bad, but this isn’t much different from buying air jordans. It’s all about the man behind and in the shoes.

  19. I like them looking worn! I have tons of shoes that look new but i still ware the ones that look worn and tired. But the kurt ones will go with the other kurt stuff.

  20. stupidpeoplesuck2115

    you people need a freakin life, the poor mans dead and couldnt give a rats a** about what “c love” is doing.

  21. andreypr

    You want to know the real Courtney? She aborted her first child cause she couldn’t stop doing drugs. Don’t believe me? Look it up, her first marriage. Vanity Fair is another brilliant example of Courtney. Kurt was a junkie, yes, but he no longer needed the drugs to treat his stomach problems. Look it the F*ck up and stop being ignorant. About a son is a complete crap because it has been authorized by CL.
    Courtney Love, you are an untalented murdering crack-hoe sell-out. I hope you rot

  22. zu

    i think this sucks, as i really liked one stars, my favorite shoe, and it had nothing to do with the fact kurt wore them. i’ve had many pairs, and now they sold the brand to target who doesn’t even offer the original one stars. nirvana kicked a**, kurt was stupid to kill himself, courtney is a gold digger-the yoko of the 90’s. bring back the one star sans the autograph..

  23. Whitney

    You guys are crazy! 1.) Courtney did not murder Kurt. 2.) Kurt loved Courtney–if anyone has any questions about that, read “Heavier Than Heaven”–the biography of Kurt. Of course, we all know that Kurt wasn’t showy or flashy, and probably would never have wanted a line of shoes if he were alive, but it is what it is. Did anyone ever think that maybe Courtney just wants to keep his legacy alive?

  24. Shanna

    Heaver then Heaven was written with Love’s help of course she makes herself look better. Read Love and Death: Who Killed Kurt Cobain?. Then you get your answers.It’s the best damm book ever, with no help from that S*#T Courtney Love. Whoever thinks that he wasn’t murdered is an IDOIT!

  25. Shanna

    At least he wore Converse I’m sure that if he was alive and had to sell out to something it would be something that he himself would actually wear. I don’t think he would have hated it as much as everyone thinks. Atleast Courtney didn’t sell him out to digitally placing him in to comericals for products that he would never use or wear. It could be worse then a pair of shoes, at least were not seeing him floating on a cloud telling him how much he loves the softness of Royal toilet paper, or how he can get cheap car insurance from Geico.

  26. rikki

    are they fake-scuffed-up?! that alone is a reason not to buy these shoes.

    “wanna look ‘grungey’?? here, these clothes are already prepped for you, you can look ‘dirty’ without even being dirty! dont forget little friends- punk rock means freedom, so come along and be free- buy our fake, branded merchandise!”

  27. Rissa

    I think kurt would be excited.As he once said song lyrics and all ‘come as you are.’.I would love a pair of these.<3

  28. rissa

    Im commenting again.I forgot to add,i dont think he would be disgrased.I dont think courtney should get any benifits from this.Shes a murderer in my oppinion.I dont like the fact that you mentioned his death.He isn’t dead,he lives on through his music and his lyrics and his fans. She shouldnt get a cent.But honestly i would still wear these and be proud of them.

  29. cobain follower16

    YOU guys that are saying kurt would hate this. YOU could be wrong i highly doubt that any of you known jurt personally to actually say something so dumb. yeah sure he might not like it but you dont know that because you jerks dont know him personally you dont know the stuff he went thorugh or what he felt. AND DONT SAY YOU DO BECAUSE I KNOW YOU DONT. yeah in a way it does bring kurt back and it makes me feel better as a nirvana lover myself to be reminded of kurt in a good way. So people that think you know kurt you really dont. you are full of it. His wife might do drugs but that is who she is it doesnt make her a bad wife and mother. You dont know the life that they went through so dont judge a book by it’s cover.!!!

  30. You Know You're Wrong (c. love)

    This is such BS on C. Love’s part. First she publishes his journals, then sells part of the Nirvana catalog, now this crap. I wouldn’t buy these if they came in a heart-shaped shoe box b/c Kurt would def not support this. Are they going to print the lyrics to “Rape Me” on the next design?

  31. rick rolled

    Hmmmmm well idk they seem like a good gift to a die hard kurt cobain fan… but i relle think they couldve made em cooler…

    cmon scribbles on a converse shoe? when have theve not done that?
    its becoming pretty repetitive with converses now…

  32. Marcoos

    Frances Bean will profit too, and if he did anything right for her, he left his name. God knows, he’s hurt that kid so bad, at least he left her his name that she can maybe live a nicer life.

    There’s a lot of signature shoes, and that’s all they are. Nothing to get in a tizzy about. And who knows. Kurt would be older and grumpier now and probably playing “Come As You Are” at a political rally, or doing the super bowl half time show… nah probably not. But it is still just a shoe people.

  33. sara

    So are people going to wear these shoes?I’m a huge Kurt fan but I can’t decide if these sjoes are a good or bad idea.People keep sayin “if Kurt was alive he’s hate this.”But he’s not alive and it would be cool to wear Kurt shoes.But then it feels like such a marketing scheme.What should i do?

  34. xxflipperxx

    1. my family knew the cobains. i went to frances’s 6th bday party. i spent easter with c love. for the record, she is pretty sane now.
    2. my uncle (roddy bottum) dated her and was kurts best freind and knew both of them well enough to be able to say that cl is not a murderer and kurt took his own life.
    3. how dare anyone say that kurt didnt contribute. being addicted is a disease, so is depression. im only 11 but i know enough to say that the war is bs and i dont support anyone who CHOSE to serve in iraq. the army is screwed up enough serving in america. 4 me it is on the verge of being awful.
    4. the real issue: shoes. kurt would have hated this. i know im not going to buy them. i still love nirvana more than probably any other band in the world. my walls proudly sport several posters of kurt.

  35. Danny Colverson

    I love kurt cobain & I love converse one stars but I really dont like these shoes. I really wish they’d just release the plain one stars again. I hate the idea of buying “aged” shoes or shoes with his autograph on. I might get some & black out his autograph. “Punk rock merchandise…Now with pre-aged-dues-paid-integrity at no extra cost”

  36. 27

    Ok, well…I would think a percentage of this money goes to Frances… I mean some guys just recently stole a bunch of money from a fund that was for her.
    I do agree that it is an invaision of privacy…but i mean they didn’t put anything ultra personal on them…just some lyrics to Come As You Are & Dumb ( which we have all heard anyways), drawings of the Jag-Stang, and “Punk Rock Means Freedom”…
    If they put the suicide note on them, then I would be really upset… but his writings were already published in a book so this isnt anything new

  37. The Should Be Ms. Cobain

    Ok, Courtney used Kurt to make money and is still doing it today. I mean, come on. She killed the guy just to inherit his money when she thought they were going to get a divorce. Or just to inherit it because she really is a leech. I totally agree with anyone who thinks so. If I knew most of the money was going on Frances or Chris or Dave, I would by these shoes. As everyone knows, though, most of the money will go to Courtney. Just honor Kurt by keeping his memory alive and buy NIRVANA Cds and shirts. Maybe the money from them WILL go to the other members of NIRVANA. Ok, I’d better stop now because I could write a book with all the feelings I have right now. So, I’ll end with this; Courtney killed him. If you want to argue with me, just contact aromancewithsuicide on quizilla. Or e-mail me at rockchick6661@hotmail.com.

  38. onesmittenkitten

    It makes me so sad to see this… This is exactly what Kurt didn’t want! Yet here we are, watching as Courtney whores him, his image, his work, and everything he stood for out to the corporate machine. This is deplorable!!! I smell a boycott.

  39. Robert

    this isnt anything new they’ve been rapeing him since he died and even befor, get a life and quite tryin to sound all heroic sticking up for him when all you know is what the media tells you and interviews that probly went even truthful. hes dead and famous this happens to many icons getover it.

  40. Heidi

    If Kurt knew his shoes were on the market, he’d laugh. He probably wouldn’t even believe it at first. Honestly, go out and buy your own converse shoes if you’re inspired by his image. Courtney’s making money off of a dead man. I’m more interested in putting my money towards his music.. and his music has nothing to do with Courtney. So she’s not getting a dime from me.

  41. Kurt Fan

    Don’t you think it’s a bit tacky to sell a shoe saying “he even committed suicide wearing Converse!” ?!
    That is f’ing ridculous! I wipe my a$$ with these shoes, and what they stand for, and how you are trying to sell them. :P

  42. Kurt Fan

    and to all the dumb conspiracy theories: HE KILLED HIMSELF.
    PERIOD. These are the facts. People commit suicide, every day.
    I know its a really hard thing for most people to understand, but I have lived it. It happens. Courtney is not smart enough to get away with murder…

  43. Keee2

    Ugh. People.
    You all talk about buying Nirvana CDs. You bought the books. You read the conspiracies. You wore the t-shirts and sang tenn spirit.
    You watched the media avidly to find out more about his suicide.
    Do you really think that all that isn’t exactly the same as buying a pair of SHOES? You buy into westernization and pop culture everyday. (come to africa, you’ll understand the juxtaposition of your culture with non-western culture)

    My point is… who cares whether YOU buy the shoes or not. Its the same as buying a pair of normal converse… theyre still Nike. Kurt would either hate it, think it was funny, frankly considering his bipolarity, I doubt he would really care. But whether you buy them or not, you all buy into the culture of pop everyday. Boycotting a pair of shoes is not going to change that.

    Move on. Debate poverty and world debt instead. You’re all clearly good with words… use them for higher things than this.

  44. Anthon

    everyone should know now…
    After you read all the info back in the 1994 until now…
    Being the Courtney best friend, Michael DeWitt would be the only person around that killed Kurt, he was the only person that could do this homicide without all the warnings because he was the baby sitter!
    He had make it all like a suicide with the papers that courtney had from Kurt; he organized it like Hollywood suicide inc. and then wait for someone to find the seen
    Now smile, thinking that Mike “Cali” De Witt has a fixed director place at Geffen staff.

  45. Anthon

    After 14 years i see clearly what i didn’t see in 1994 when i was a 15 years old kid that was going hot mad for In Utero winter.I was thinking Why? another jim morrison joplin…?
    But no.
    Then now with internet you can get the story with your fingers taking the infos photos datas interviews explanations FACTS from real sources.courtney has organized the homicide of this young man: think he was 27 , i’m now 29 and know what would be: having the wrong wife,wanting to change the life, planning divorce, saying “why all my friends are enemies?”,being sent in clinic for of heroine treatment without any warning for his mind and withdrawl consequences…they have deliberately put him in such extreme situation..and then Cali killed him, after serving him Heroine OD.
    Years after with these devils time we know they have murdered a sensible intelligent mind & spoiled his rests…for all of you that read this… look..! see..! know the world! be prepared!look and know who is Kurt Cobain, the sensible pure soul &the white searing light wich is in every human..and these evil persons had murdered him like Christ!
    Know this about him not the evil profit about “his shoes”!

  46. jason

    does anyone know where to get the one stars? target only has the shell toed version. i want a fresh pair of the black ones

  47. Anthon

    Michael “Cali” DeWitt was the latest Frances baby sitter and Kurts’ “Safeguard” who had his full room into the Lake Washington house.He got all the access and keys.
    Togheter with courtny $ the Label discografy staff they deicide to end a persons life with a fake suicide scene, retaining then all the money legacy: these evil shoes are the example.
    All you people knowing that these murders are still around how could think to buy then?
    I swera&hope every of you that make exploit on this human must be deceased and suffer the Hell’s pain and a never ending malediction.
    go buy hand made leather shoes for the winter!

  48. Anthon

    And the other following innocent death wich soon followed after in april june 1994?
    The beautiful girl and wonderfully gifted bassist Kristen Pfaff?
    Found (fakely) apparently dead on self induced heroin OD, prior to her Seattle & courtny leaving reaching her native city Minneapolis to change life from evil persons, like courtney, and Capitol Hill heavy drugs?
    Another s**tty person that F++kin zombie inhuman of Eric Erlandson was clearly seen by ocular proof as last person that left Kristens room: Eric administered H OD to Kristen for courtney will as she was finally leaving fake & bad musicians like eric and courtney.
    And Detective Terry of the SPD was found dead when firstly he was hireed by the b*tch to bust a Capitol Hill drug dealer.

  49. kenji

    To all those Cobain lovers, here???s my challlenge from Japan:
    Curt Cobain did???nt just wear converse low-tops!
    He wore a different brand of shoe, and it???s found in posters;
    a brand made famous when he wore it Sep. 22 1990 @The MotorSports International Garage concert in Seattle.
    Can anybody name that brand?

  50. I CANNOT believe CONVERSE would even join Courtney Love in disgracing Kurt Cobain like this. He would not want this. He was a very private person and would not want his art work and lyrics and music in a book or let alone on bunch of sneakers for the world to read!!!! This makes me sooooo mad!! R.I.P Kurt, i wish i could have met you!!

  51. Kristin


    Kurt would never approve of this. He didnt sell himself this way. It wasnt until after his death that all the posters with him posing with the guns came out.. and that was bc COURTNEY released them.

    Its a shame.

  52. bennett picses

    I’m as upset as anyone about these, maybe more so, BUT kurt did love courtney and frances so much he wouldn’t mind if it was to help his wife or his daughter

    Its still not right though…

    I’d also like to take this oppertunity to say how stupid axl rose is

    RIP Kurt

  53. Charlie

    i dont get why everyone thinks getting these would be bad. i am a HUGE Nirvana fan and i dont care if courtney profits from it or not, but im getting these because i like them and i think there cool

  54. jake

    i dont no were 2 stand yeah i wud luv a pair of them and the hi tops but on the other hand if kurt cud c wot was goin on i think he wud b mad but (or he may not b no1 no’s wot if he wanted this 2 happen im not saying he did cus i dunt no no1 does so hav a think next time not meanin that in a bad way)on the other other hand (and yes i did mean 2 use other twice) wot if c love isnt getin a penny out of em and wot if she did kill or arange 4 eny 1 2 kill kurt i dunt no wot 2 belive

  55. bz

    im surprised that when courtney knocked down the greenhouse she didnt try selling pieces like the berlin wall then again she probably knocked it down as a grim reminder to what she had done.truth will be known one day.3-9-10

  56. bbbbrandibueche

    hello…. I really really really want to get a pair of these converse one stars with kurt cobains name on them….. can anyone tell me if they have gone into production yet… if so where do i get em.. i cant find em anywhere!!!!! PLEASE

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