Kurt Cobain Converse One Star

For years, Converse was the official sneaker for rock and a grungy pair could almost always be found on the feet of the late Kurt Cobain. Cobain loved his Converse sneakers that he was even wearing them when he tragically took his life 14 years ago.

With 25% of the Nirvana catalog sold to pay off some addiction tabs, Courtney Love has struck a deal with Converse to release a special make up for her late husband. This news has been a hot topic on Nirvana forums posing the valid question, what would Kurt think to know he has a sneaker deal with a subsidiary of Nike? Pics and info via The Daily Swarm / HypeBeast.

Kurt Cobain Converse One Star

Kurt Cobain Converse One Star
Kurt Cobain Converse One Star

Kurt Cobain Converse One Star
Kurt Cobain Converse One Star


  1. qnzman989 says:

    They’re def Cobain style with the grunge look and all, but I would want my kicks a little fresher right out the box.

  2. Nice Kicks says:

    yeah, they do look a little too much like he wore these on the “Muddy Banks of the Wishkah”.

    Fresh pairs of these are sold at Target for $29.99 which is pretty cheap for a pair of shoes if you ask me.

  3. greenmaker24 says:

    not really feelin them

    1. i love u kurt says:

      fuck u puss he was the best

  4. J.King says:

    “Come as you are.”

  5. johnny qb says:

    this makes me so angry i don’t even know what to say. courtney love is such a leech.

  6. solesaved says:

    They a litte dingy but i guess that a good thing for a auction to get them in there orignal condition Somebody gonna pay big money for these.

  7. Paul Timmons says:

    Kurt would hate this.

    Courtney is a whore

  8. Paul Timmons says:

    Kurt whould hate this.

    Courtney is disgraceful.

    She is not honoring Kurt with this.

  9. Paul Timmons says:

    Kurt would hate this.

    It’s disgraceful

  10. Paul Timmons says:

    Kurt would hate this.

  11. Paul Timmons says:

    Kurt would never approve of this if he was alive.

    What was Courtney thinking?

  12. Carol Fuller says:

    This just breaks my heart.

  13. nomatta23 says:

    yea kurt would no approve ofthis but what ya gonna do but these i wouldent wear but deff a collectors piece

  14. Colton Daultin says:

    I’m tired of courtny love getting money of of kurt’s possesions.

  15. Dina says:

    Very disheartning….and an injustice to the memory of KURT…
    I would not pay 2 cents for anything that Courney Love is going to reap benefits from. MURDERER!! and the fact that you would put in your article that he was wearing Converse when he SUPPOSITLY took his own life just disgusts???me!

  16. Ashlee says:

    OMG! Kurt would HATE these shoes!
    What the heck is Courtney’s problem?!

  17. KDC says:

    What next a signature remington?

  18. Phoenyx says:

    Totally agree. Kurt would hate them.

    However, I used to have a couple of pairs of one stars and they are the most comfortable shoes ever. I would buy them simply for that reason… and the “new” one stars just look aweful with the rubber toe.

  19. Cindy says:

    OMG!! this is just horrid! I would never ever buy a pair. Mainly cause C Love is behind it.

  20. Julia says:

    THIS IS MESSED UP!!!!!!!!! Good thing it says “please refrain from profanity” cos there’s a lot of things I wana say right now! I can’t beleive anyone would go for this. Last time I buy converse. Courtny is a ____________________