Tomorrow is the drop date for the second countdown pack featuring the Air Jordan 14 and the Air Jordan 9.?? The Jordan 14 was a retooled version of the “Last Shot”, but the Air Jordan 9 is the original color that we saw first retroed in January of 2002.

From speaking to Jordan heads, this package seems to get the most yawns due in large part to being composed of two “love/hate” shoes.?? It doesn’t help that the Jordan 14 was over produced and released (and hit clearance racks) in 2006.

For those who do want to grab, we would definitely recommend an early rise to air on the side of caution.

Air Jordan 9 White/Black-Red

Air Jordan 9 White/Black-Red
Air Jordan 9 White/Black-True Red

Air Jordan 9 White/Black-Red
Air Jordan 9 White/Black-True Red

Air Jordan 9 White/Black-Red
Air Jordan 9 White/Black-True Red

Air Jordan 9 White/Black-Red
Air Jordan 9 White/Black-True Red




  • JAY

    would only cop 4 da 14z but dez r ok

  • main

    have to cop but those 14’s is up forsale on ebay

  • sneakFREAK

    ^ Agreed. I am prob just going to sell my 14s to someone in the mall for $100 or whatever. I could really care less about having those.

  • datdudereggie

    i just checked eastbay and @ 12:28am and they sold out n dam near every size!!!…im not gone start coppin dese packages until July after dat dats wen all the good ones come out 2 me….like the 4/19 5/18 11/12 8/15 CNT WAIT!!!..IM 16 I THINK IMMA BLOW MY TRUST FUND ON JORDANS AND AIR FORCE ONES THIS YEAR!!!..LOL

  • Chris32

    they look so beautiful

  • Levi1224

    I already got these. One of my personal favorite. Im jus waitin to cop da 11/12 Package.

  • bkbigjay

    got em this morning. whats up with that 11/12 package? i never hear nothing about it. im still not feeling this whole 2 pair thing to make us buy more shoes. after getting the 13/10s and now these,i think i’ll lay low for a while. i hope they dont plan on doing this package thing next year.

  • bkbigjay

    there was no second thoughts getting these like the first ones, those 10’s are so ugly, i dont think i ever looked at them least the 14’s actually look ok. i’ll probably sell em on ebay

  • bkbigjay

    this brought a tear to my eye. a tear of joy.

  • thaghost06

    i love this shoe. its like the looking at your baby boy for the first time. i love u!

  • PhilWil

    This sneaker is real dope. I did not like it when it first came out or when it was retro-ed, but for some reason I love how it looks now.

    I also have a special nickname for them. I don’t think Jordan would like it though… since I always saw drug dealers (or close associates) wearing them, I call them “the dealers” lol

  • solesaved

    ^^^ WTF The Dealers! I Won’t be gettin up early or standing in line but still thinking about scoopn em up later.


    there is no need to get up early for these when you already got thme thru eastbay nut the 10’s is not what tha is!but the 14’s have more dignity then the 10’s plus the 9’s go hard. this commen tstraight from d-town texas

  • Lon G

    I can’t wait for the 11/12 package!!! These are “ok”. I could rock them both, but I wouldn’t necessarily pay for both at the same time.

  • greenmaker24

    saw this pack at packer shoes last week the 9s r fresh and the 14s r pretty nice 2

  • lcsupa

    I got my package right NOW!!!! THE 9’s AND THE 14’s ARE KILLIN!!!!!

  • lcsupa

    We got a long wait for the 11/12 pack. December.

  • Da Fresh Prince

    dez shoes are so clean ima lick em wen i get em

  • Shawn

    this package is fire. i jus got them 2day the 14’s r fresh

  • callum

    saw these yesterday at footlocker and they look pretty good. i’ll cop a bit later

  • bkbigjay

    December for the 11/12s? that would make me guess they will be the playoffs then. they always come out with black n reds in December, except for those white n red 5’s.

  • young baller

    these are some fresh jays

  • kickfen89

    d 9s are hawt dey look closer to their counterpart den d 14’s do.. how would u like d 14’s wen dey come nuthing close to d “last shot” 14’s which i had and sold but could get back lol

  • pup

    I had to skip this pack because of those 14’s, im waiting for the 6&17 pack

  • eathype

    *yawn* on both waiting for carmines and baseball I’s



  • Fazar

    yo how do they fit. true to size or smaller

  • thebandit3

    I heard white n’ red on the 12’s and the spacejam 11’s. mmmmmMMMMMM!

  • lcsupa

    I hope it’ll be the white/red 12’s and black/red/white 11’s.

  • bklynsSNKRhead

    i like both so far none of the packages r bad in my opinion da only thing is that with the nines their not really solid black kinda glitery… i really hope they got plans for sum retro 11’s the rite 1 this time

  • Original J’s Fan

    I copped this package last night online, the 14’s ain’t killin cuz I got the retroed black and red ones and the white stitchin don’t mean much to me, but them 9’s are the truth

  • sneakergameinsane

    I personally think that the 11 and 12 package doesent come out until DEC!!!

  • MJSF

    Not the best pack but still very much worthy to COP!!


    I copped mine early this morning i love em the 14s grew on me Lol!!

  • bkbigjay

    TEEZY23 me to. i love my 14’s now. but i still dont wear my tens.
    i gotta figure out how to wear em first. i might save them till next year

  • jack black

    EVERY ONE HERE ON THIS SITE IS A HYPE!! this pack sucks and the pack idea has been hype since summer time where has everyone been under a rock!! lmao

  • jordan fan

    got mine this morning and these sneakers are sweet and waiting for the jordan white-red carmine 6 and 17s may 24th. to come out and all the packs i will get

  • 23isback

    so krispy

  • FRESH_n_FL5

    got these today 14>>>>>>>>>>>>>>9


    2 DOWN 21 TO GO

  • 90snikehead

    Got mine to love the sneakers next pack I get will be 11/12 I got kids and don’t wanna go broke lol

  • jordan fan

    question number 35 says we are all hype.the person that talks hype is hype.

  • jordan fan

    these kicks are chillin

  • Air Jedi

    I got them yesterday with a smile!!!!! i would pass on the april package too much white on the 2 ad the 21 look like fake!!! i got already the CASH for the May(MUST) and June/July ? one of the 2…But the 9 looks good also the 14’s as soon you put some nice jeans and a black T-shirt they ROCK!!!! Also got the 10/13……

  • dave

    i copped them sz 9.5 and will sell it for 390 shipped

  • kick game proper

    Man yall know it first come first serve on dem jays and i got dat package i love dem 9’s but the 14’s U-L-G-Y

  • jazzy

    Jordan makers i hope ur reading this…. can u please stop making these packages with these sneakers that people want so bad b cuz not every 1 is gonna wanna pay 450 dollars 4 2 pairs of sneakers if u wanna get alot more money sell em separate and trust me u will have money pouring out ur ass damn i want dem 9’s but 4 all dat bread it makes no sense

  • kennyspenny

    i basically got the 14s allready the last shots that came out xmas of 05. i really want this pack but am broke now. i only want it for the 9s so maybe someone is selling some on ebay. the 11-12 pack is coming out in december. the 11s are gonna be the space jams and the 12s white and red. get at least 2 of these theyre gonna be going for 600+ on the net gaurenteed. will def be the best pack ever killing the DMP

  • Air Jedi

    I coop this packge on saturday and yesterday dress up with the 14 looks NICE!!!! Waiting for the 6/17,4/19,3/20 and 11/12.Already coop the 10/13!!! Those are the best CDPACKAGE!!!!

  • rafo17

    I already this package i have every package that came out but these are my favorites am leaving all these for the summer..hala

  • 90snikehead

    Package idea not all that cool cus I’m a fan of 3,4,5,6 and don’t really want 16 thru 20 so

  • jasmine

    i copped tha package dis weekend
    and yea eitha way if i didnt want em or
    wanted em i was gone end up havin em neway
    so yea im rockin em fuk what hataz dat aint
    got em gotta say hahaha

  • cash20

    for everyone who doesnt know and wants to knowthe 11 packages are-

    p.s. them ninies are hot

  • bkbigjay

    cash20 thanks for stating the obvious. im sure we all know how to do math

  • jterra

    Yo ya dropping 450 dollars on jordans cum on be serious I rather drop 450 on a pair of pradas.guccis,louis vittion,but I can’t front the 9s are TOUGH!!

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  • enrique

    necesito unos jordan 9 blanco con negro y rojo, del 10 y medio , mexicanos, los tienen?
    y cuanto cuestan?

  • akari

    Dam! Those shoes are dope!! Thats sick Ima get them! AHHH!