Nike “Air Max Pack” Air Force Ones

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Air Max Pack Nike Air Force Ones

This summer looks like it could get mighty expensive for Air Force 1 heads.?? Just yesterday we gave you a look at the upcoming ACG Pack Air Force Ones, but now we have just received shots of the Air Max Pack.

Represented in this collection is the Air Max 90, Air Max 95, and Air Max 97.?? Careful planning and details went into these shoes.?? Nike called upon memorable colorups such as the Infrared 90’s, Neon 95’s, and Silver 97’s.?? Besides the color blocking, Nike hit each with touches such as retooled tongues, back tabs, and a heel Air Max unit on the 95 as well as full length for the Air Max 97 (not shown).

The Air Max Pack Air Force Ones will follow the ACG Pack and release in June.?? The shoes in this collection range in price from $100-$175.?? These have not yet been added to the Air Force Ones release page pending confirmed dates, but once we get confirmation, they will be added.

Nike Air Force 1 Air Max 90 Infrared

Air Force 1 Low Premium (AM ’90) White/Neutral Grey-Black-Infared – $125

Nike Air Force 1 Air Max 95 Grape Emerald

Air Force 1 Low Premium Women’s (AM ’95)?? White/Neutral Grey-Grape Ice-Emerald Green – $100

Nike Air Force 1 Air Max 95 Neon

Air Force 1 Low Supreme Max Air (AM ’95)??Neutral Grey/Anthracite-Neon Yellow – $175


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25 Comments on "Nike “Air Max Pack” Air Force Ones"

  1. datdudereggie

    dese are hot cant wait to these come out NIKE AND JORDAN is hurtin my pockets n 08….BUT 4 SOME REASON I LUV IT!!!….

  2. 420King

    These really do nothing for me, these would not be considered Jump offs because nothing really stands out in any of these kicks even the 95’s the exposed air sole is wack on AF1’s, Only thing hot about the 95’s is the lime green clear sole and the tounge but the exposed air sole kills the shoe. More wack AF1 releases from NiKe

  3. mtownzfinest1

    Them 95’s is str8 fya! Its funny how I remember every1 hated the supreme forces wit the air max sole when they first came out. Now every1 loves em……….

  4. sneakerfreaker06

    I have been saying it for the longest time this and the acg pack are gonna be the best air force lineups this whole year there CRAZY. I”am coppin eveything I can.

  5. D

    I don’t care what anybody says those AF1 Air Max 95’s are the truth. The other two do nothing for me but I might cop two pair of the Af1 95’s. That colorway of the Air Max 95 was the best anyway so this just makes it that much more fresh can’t wait.

  6. MizzDette

    420King: i feel ya man. i was really looking forward to these, but the way they did the sole killed it for me as well. i didn’t have anything aganist af1’z doing their soles like this, but i think they r overdoing it. who knows i may change my mind if nothing else is cracking…..

  7. pup

    i hate the air sole too, i havent bought a pair of AF1’s this year or last, look back to ’06 all clean AF1’s. just bring back patent leather air forces with nice color schemes. the red ones are allright but i wouldnt get em. Please Nike stop the clear soles.

  8. mike

    the airmax 90’s are nice and simple not much going on the shoe. not too wild and not too soft. just simple… the womens airmax 95 look better then the mens but that’s just me.can’t wait till they come out.

  9. Kicks_aholic

    both colorways of the airmax 95 are straight up firee .. airforces are doing it big with these … the 90’s are kinda plain they need to add some more infared .. but thats just me

  10. BKost

    Pup Im so glad that patent leather is gone, but yeah the air pocket on the forces doesnt look that good. Its not the idea, its the way they did it. Maybe if it was an actual air bubble? I dont know. Either way I still like the am95 neon forces. Infareds are allright too, but they didnt do as much with them. I think it even still says “Air Force” on the tongue. Probably one of cheaper pairs, which is good, cuz Im probably gonna get em anyway.

  11. hi ya’ll its ur girl miley aka hannah montana i just want to say that nike shoes are the hottest oh and me and nick jonas are back togrther thanks to all my fans thanks :)

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