When we think of Nigo and Bathing Ape pumping out shoes “appropriate for the season” this generally includes patent Halloween joints or Bape Stas covered in an all over Hawaiian print for summer break.?? Bape continues to tone down the colors and prints for something simple.

These are available now at the Busy Work Shop for $190.

Bape NYC
91 Greene St
New York, NY 10012

Spring 2008 Bape Stas
  • D

    Very clean looking kicks but too much heat is coming this year so I’ll have to pass

  • redd

    yea i agree wit d on this one its 2 hot this year but they got they own unique style maybe next time tho

  • g-money

    yep i’m pass cuz the fusions is my thing……i got’em all ……im not stopin until they stop sellin them

  • greenmaker24

    these r clean

  • Koofie Smacker

    $190 Huh Bapes Are Played Out Original AF1’S Are Better You Would Be Insane To Buy These Cabon Copies Plain White With A Colorful Soul Seen That Before These Shoes Are Done!!

  • http://nicekicks SO FRESH

    they are almost as fly as mine!!!!!!!

  • solesaved

    ^^^ I cosign wit Koofie Smacker XEROXED AF1 wit a HGH STEROID PRICE.

  • Fazar

    lol. look at the selling price. bapes use to cost an arm and leg. know since the hype is all gone there not worth the money.

  • pup

    bape is so bootsy, i would rather rock white on white AF1s anyday. And 190, thats gottat be a joke or a misprint

  • ssonosk

    ima get a pair =)

  • jhype6e

    these will look fresh with a nice pair of shorts to the beach. ima copt a pair

  • http://sneakersandshoes.wordpress.com PhilWil

    Look pretty cool.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sirecommunications J.King

    $190 for a pair of shoes that will only look fresh ONCE.

  • freshalot

    these would look cool … on my girl