Forget about the 23rd year of?? Air Jordans , Jordan Brand is going to have a very great season.?? The Melo M4 is hands down the best Melo shoe and arguably the best signature shoe on the court today.?? Chris Paul is also getting his own signature shoe this year, the CP3.

This shoe has everything Chris needs.?? Lightweight (14 oz.), breathable with added vents, and great traction to make sharp cuts on the court.?? Aesthetically the shoe boasts a soft black nubuck, contrast white stitching that extends throughout the sole, and a Jumpman logo on the heel reminiscent of the Jordan 18.

The Jordan CP3 releases March 1st in 7 colorways – 2 of which are exclusives for New Orleans as well as Chris’s alma mater Wake Forest.?? Coming in at $115, the shoe is at the top of its game for the price point and makes for a very good alternative for those who cannot afford the $185 Jordan XX3’s.???? Edtrigger of Kenlu supplied us with the high res shots, but he also got the chance to sit down with the designer of these kicks Jason Mayden.?? Heads up thanks to Sneaker News.

Update:?? We have just posted official photos of Chris Paul’s second signature sneaker – Jordan CP3 II.?? Chris Paul introduced the Jordan CP3.II at Foot Locker in New Orleans.

Air Jordan CP3 Chris Paul Signature Shoe

Air Jordan CP3 Chris Paul Signature Shoe
Air Jordan CP3

Air Jordan CP3 Chris Paul Signature Shoe
Air Jordan CP3

Air Jordan CP3 Chris Paul Signature Shoe
Air Jordan CP3

Air Jordan CP3 Chris Paul Signature Shoe
Air Jordan CP3

Air Jordan CP3 Chris Paul Signature Shoe
Air Jordan CP3

Air Jordan CP3 Chris Paul Signature Shoe
Air Jordan CP3

Air Jordan CP3 Chris Paul Signature Shoe
Air Jordan CP3

  • kangaroo X a

    ooo MAN!!!

    dese R 2 serious cant wait 2 cop on march1

    dose ne1 hav da pix of da otha colorways? n if u do please send em 2 me

  • melo

    na, dont do it for me. melos way better.

  • hot

    these are hot i just copped today. they are so hot

  • D-Money

    Yo yo yo whats up MY NIKKAHS, I just jacked these today and they are the SHIZZLESSSSSSSSS. BUY THEM and WEAR THEM!…but don’t get JAKKED!

  • DH492

    Where can you find these shoes at(what store)

  • DH492

    Where could I pick a pair up at I need to know

  • Darren

    Where could I cop a pair at I need To know.

  • MRS.CP3

    these shoes are so hot and of course they are made by my man cp3 and yes go cop da the all black ones because they are hot just like chris himself

  • martin

    go to to get them for $110.00 click on air jordan and then jordan sport. they have the new orleans home colors and white and navy ones.

  • martin

    they have them at to in different colorways

  • martin

    they have em at too in different colorways

  • DeaconFan

    The ones shown here are an homage to his high school career, and the untimely death of his grandfather. He scored 61 points in one game, 1 point for each year that his grandfather lived. You can see “Papa Chili” on the one shot. That’s was his grandfather. Where are the Wake ones?

  • http://yahoo ned

    It’s not about the shoes right, so just watch him do his game.


  • james

    I have these.
    Where does it say “Papa Chili”?

  • cheeese

    In the second to last pic

  • cheeese

    How are these kicks performancewise???

  • cheeese

    Are the kobe threes better than these or not???

  • dough boy

    yo theze shoes r so hot and they will make me a future MVP like chris will be!

  • amen

    yo this shoes are the best

  • http://yahoo ned

    chris paul your my man for the MVP

  • briana haynes

    they are so cute and i want them

  • gabe

    deez look better on da internet…i seen deez in person nd i wuznt impressed they r plain nd even off da rack they dnt look clean

  • http://none LiL Ryo

    CP3 I’m getting these shoes as soon as they come out, promise you that.

  • http://none LiL Ryo

    Also im picking you for MVP,those others guys our old news,Mad love to you Chris

  • John

    CP3 you the man loved you ever since Wake Forest

  • LIL CP3

    yo these is hot and i aint byist jus because chris paul has been my favorite player since wake forest CHRIS PAUL WAS ROBBED OF DA MVP!!!

  • Da Next CP3

    wow…i gotta get me sum of demz

  • Renlds

    I picked up a pair of these in China at around Xmas of last year (actually a student of mine got them for me). They have a great look, but the hard plastic on the Achilles is a huge pain if you’re actually using them for ball on a long term basis. I literally had cuts on the back of each of my ankles from those razor blades cutting into my skin every time I jumped.

  • deonpruitt

    shoes hella wet chris paul best player heel raw boy cant b stooped

  • Cedric

    What the world was the Hawks were thinking? By far the best point guard in the game. Kobes fire but your day is coming. Love the kicks especially the black&gold.

  • http://cp3comments R@h33m

    I have your shoes the red,black,and gray cp3’s they so fresh TO ME when I seen them on shelf I had to get them but the only thing I was missing was some cp3 socks If you will make some so exclusive I live in Memphis so the GRIZZLES is my team but you still one of my favorite b-ball players much love to you.

  • Alex coleman


  • hottay

    – : – omgg i totally love chris and wish i can get to know him ; ) – : –
    love ya cp3 muahsz xoxo

  • mike4170

    dont buy these i got the worst blister from playing ball in them and my whole sock was covered in blood
    DO NOT BUY!!!!

  • chelby

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxxooxox i luv chris i hve all hs svnirs he cn pck me up anytime.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Doll

    I dont like these not at all.

  • erick antonio

    ohhh man my sister send me a pair of this cool shoes !!@! i really love it…..

  • skeet

    DeSe Is My ShYtZ
    I CoPpEd DeM At MaRcH

  • my name


  • allen rockers

    man i was teammates with cp3 in high school and he always said he wanted his own shoe deal and i say great shoe

  • barry melrose

    the bubble popped on one of the shoes the first time I played in them. sucked.