Orlando Magic Penny 1 Returns

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Orlando Penny 1

In the mid 90’s Nike Basketball put forth a ton of energy and promotion behind one of the NBA’s best – Penny Hardaway. Penny’s first signature shoe has been brought back many times, almost annually in recent years, but this is the first time that they have been brought back in the original color that was released back in 1995. This shoe is now available at local spots for just $120. Passing up on these will be a future regret. More Pennys kicks on the way this year including the covetted Nike Foamposite Ones. Pics taken while visiting Motive807 in Austin, TX.

Update:?? We have just posted a new feature of the Nike Air Penny II.

Orlando Penny 1

Orlando Penny 1

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13 Comments on "Orlando Magic Penny 1 Returns"

  1. jessica llo

    Hi, I would like to order these shors for my man, Maybe i overlooked the icon where the site prompts you to purchase. How would i be able to obtain these shoes in a mens size 11. I can be reached as ms.jllo@yahoo.com

  2. pete

    hey i was wondering how i can purchase these shoes in a size 10 i would like the orlando magic colors the blue and black

    please write back if you have any info.

    thank you

  3. clayton h.

    I want to order these too. where can I find them contact me please A.S.A.P. also when the retro 2’s come out in October, are they going to be available in stores?

  4. MB

    I used to have the black on black version of these. For real I need to know where to get them, these are the greatest kicks ever made, better than any pair of Jordan’s lol.

  5. Michael Canisales

    Does anyone no a website or somewhere were I can purchase a size 9.5 1995 penny’s I want them bad willing to pay high dollar for a pair of shoes

  6. Michael Canisales

    If anyone knows a website or a store were I can get a pair of 1995 penny I size 9.5 willing to pay high dollar amount for one pair. If anyone knows were I can get a pair please email me.

  7. GB

    I would like to purchase these sneakers in size 10.5 do they even hav these sneakers in stock anymore can u please email me back

  8. GB

    I really wanted these sneakers do they have even have them in stock anymore, if they do im a 10.5 can you please email me back

  9. Eddie J. Dean, Jr.

    These are some of the best shoes i NEVER HAD!!! And i hadsa plenty! Back in the gap, and now…i actually had the all white ones back in the day; the pair that came out after this color…and i stayed upset….i love these shoes. They are comfortable and still look fresh to def, whether with jeans or alone with shorts…..They are on my top 20 list of Coldest Sneaks of all time…The first pennys, the first Grant Hills, the first AI’s, Junior Seau’s, Rod Woodsons, and dont forget the first Chris Webbers (where they at), Air Forces, and i think the rest are all J’s….Big ups and Maaaaad Props to Nike and Anfernee Hardaway for making my shoe world a better place to live in…..if yall know where i can cop any of these kicks, please, put a brotha in the know….

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