Nike Dunks SB Mafia Pack

Nike Mafia Dunks SB Nike SB Dunks Mafia

With the release of the Nike SB “Mafia Pack” aka “Goodfellas Pack” coming soon, alot of pics of the shoes have been floating around the net. Both of the sneakers feature a combo patent upper with the low incorporating fur and the high incorporating a reptilie skin Swoosh. Also releasing with the kicks will be some great Nike SB clothing. Thanks to JGPlayer21 @ NikeTalk for the pics.

Nike SB Dunks Mafia

Nike SB Dunks Mafia


  1. Casey says:

    Look nice. I’m saving my $$ for the Jordan 4 Dunks tho

  2. baldpinoyzime says:

    they just aight

  3. da foxx says:

    oh my gosh fur! i lurves the fur shoes if you don’t think that’s hard you do not have any ind of imagination.

  4. tikickz says:

    i like tha white onez, but the low tops look too funny

  5. Boo says:

    they look nice, not extra special. wouldn’t catch me in em, but they nice

  6. wezz says:

    a gangsta nikka like me gotta have them,i got the scarface,wen the don vito droppin out?

  7. C. says:

    Oh man the black ones are koo!

  8. krook says:

    black ones is hard..white too plain

  9. the YaY man says:

    “a gangsta nikka like me gotta have them,i got the scarface,wen the don vito droppin out?” -wezz

    don vito? wat?

  10. Cameron says:

    In speaking of Jordan dunks, Matt what is the latest news about the jordan 2 and 3 (black and grey elephant print) dunks? Hope they didn’t come out yet

  11. jamaican gangsta says:

    kinda feelin tha hype. might get for the collection.

    i got scarface in sz 12 and 13 for sale hit me up if interested.
    also got the fantastic 4 af1- (clear/baby blue) sz 12 and 13 for sale trades welcome as well


  12. BRYAN says:

    Sick kicks just got mine in the other day they go with anything def. a head turner when glansed at

  13. JHOMIE says:

    hey does anyone know when these drop?

  14. feind says:

    these are fresh fellin da black ones but copin both im likin the bloody tooth on da back

  15. the shoe man says:

    Hey peeps, I know this is a bit off topic, but i was wondering if someone could tell me what a certain pair of shoes are called.

    They are mid-top Air Force One???s and they are black and tan with writing along the sides of the soles that say something about a story. On the strap they have writing which says ???every story has a beginning, this one starts here??? or something similar, which leads into a line that goes all over the upper. They also have a brain on the front of the left shoe, and a heart on the front of the right.

    If anyone could tell me what these particular One???s are called it would be much appreciated as i bought a pair on the weekend and wanted to find out more about them and can???t find anything on the internet. If you have any info please e-mail me at my_own_biggest_fan@hotmail.com.


  16. robbie says:

    this some nice kicks

  17. Jay-D says:

    Somebody please tell me how these shoes are related to goodfellaz?? I like the shoes, but there seems to be no significance in calling these the goodfellaz mafia pack. Is it cos of the meat ball/pasta sauce coloured trim?

  18. Roneisha says:

    yo man does shoes is off da chain fo real

  19. POO says: