Air Jordan Spiz’ike Release in Brooklyn

Jordan Spizike at Premium Goods Jordan Spizike at Premium Goods
Air Jordan Spizikes at Premium Goods Air Jordan Spizikes

The Air Jordan Spiz’ike will be dropping tomorrow, October 21, at select retailers along the East Coast. The Air Jordan Spiz’ike is the second shoe that Air Jordan has released which pays respect to Spike Lee. We all saw Spike Lee as “Mars” on the Air Jordan 4′s this past summer, but these kicks pay respect to all of the hard work that Spike Lee has done with the Air Jordan line. By the request of Spike Lee, the Spiz’ikes are being released only along the east coast. In fact, if your city isnt along I-95, you won’t be getting them in your town.

Since the shoes are being made to thank Spike Lee, there is going to be a special release in his hometown (and Mike’s hometown too). At Premium Goods, Brooklyn’s first and most premier sneaker boutique, Spike Lee will be in store, live and in person tomorrow. If you didn’t have enough reason to line up for the kicks, here is even more of a reason to come out.

Along with Spike Lee being there in person, the release of the Air Jordan Spiz’ikes, Premium Goods is also going to be releasing 48 limited tees, Jordan hat giveaways, magazines, vintage sneakers, and the best AF1s from this past summer (you all know which models these are).

Be sure to come out for one unforgetable day at Premium Goods.

347 fifth avenue
brooklyn, ny 11215


  1. Yo says:

    These shoes are so ugly…..i am only buying to resell


    they kinda got an italian appeal to them. they alright i guess if your a big air jordan fan but i personally am going to pass

  3. allen 'a-eazy' h. says:

    yeah im not feelin them either but im gonna get them to resell them too

  4. echo1ynn says:

    for the shelf not the feet.

  5. echo1ynn says:

    got’em already.gettin the fire red 3′s next week.WHAT!jock me.

  6. echo1ynn says:


  7. A says:

    they ugly but i just buy them to resell and im definitely goin to premium goods tomorrow to win sometin and get those so i can resell them.

  8. ES says:

    east coast only? thats bull sh*t.
    they better come up with something for the west coast

  9. ej says:

    im feelin you ES. BJ should make its own decisions and stick to ‘em. I mean they hyped these since june, then slam the WC in the face!? hm.

  10. TreDay says:

    I don’t care what ya’ll say…deeze kicks r hard…so don’t JOCK ME!!!….dem black/red’s gone be better tho’

  11. sn3ak@4reak says:

    where is it at in brooklyn cause im goin down there 2 morrow

  12. smthcrmnal26 says:

    what stores are going to be carrying i need names people.

  13. Chris nigguHH says:

    u know they would be okay without the wings from the 4′s….it makes the shoe look deformed

  14. $$skateboard V$$ says:


  15. zana321 says:

    damn. im not gonna be able to get em

  16. P.I.M.P says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah are you kiddin dem ugly as h@#$

  17. thug filthy says:

    They are WAYYY cleaner then XX1s for sure. IM all ovr them

  18. unknown23fan says:

    echo1ynn-Hey man… You live in N.Y?

  19. zapatos_demonyo says:

    Yea dees kicks r ill I don’t care wat u say…but spike lees a hater don’t wanna sell on the westcoast

  20. echo1ynn says: