Air Jordan 4 Thunder and Lightning Release Info

Air Jordan 4 Thunder and Lightning

Online exclusive releases are nothing new for Air Jordan shoes. First, there were the Air Jordan 12 “nubucks” and then in spring 2005, all out hysteria broke out with the release of the laser Jordan 4. Now, August 23, 2006, there will be yet another online exclusive release.

Packaging clothing and accessories is nothing new for online exclusive releases either. Both of the prior ones required you to buy the shoes with an article of clothing and a hat or visor. Both prior releases rang in at $200 which was reasonably low considering only days after the release, the shoes were selling for $500+ alone on eBay. The last release caused the most controversy ever in regards to resellers. Some individuals planned ahead of time and were able to get as many as 13 pairs out of the limited stock of 3,000! It was a resellers dream – buy for $200, then sell for more than double in less than a week.

Alot of angst towards resellers came as a result of the release and Jordan Brand was made aware of the problem from many outcries from the sneaker community. This time around, Nike is going to make sure that people don’t buy JUST to hope to fetch a huge profit – instead, Nike is pricing the Air Jordans extremely high – $250 for the “Lightning” Jordan 4, and $500 for the “Thunder” Jordan 4.

The Lightning Jordan 4 will come with a matching T-shirt. The Thunder Jordan 4 will come with an exclusive matching jacket. There has been already alot of mixed feelings to the news of the price amongst the sneakerhead community. Many argue, that a shoe which would normally cost $125 in stores being sold for 4 times as much makes the shoes unaffordable to Jordan’s target market.

Release Date: 8/23/2006 4PM PDT – Jumpman23.com
Price: $250 Lightning Package / $500 Thunder Package
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Thunder Package – $500
Air Jordan 4 Thunder and Lightning

Air Jordan 4 Thunder and Lightning

Lightning Package – $250

Air Jordan 4 Thunder and Lightning

Air Jordan 4 Thunder and Lightning


  1. Tomeka says:

    Sad news for Jordan Fans, hope you sitting down for this The Jordan release that we all been waiting for is comin Aug 23 but not to stores or Eastbay. I ???m talkin about the release of Retro 4???s Yellow/grey and Black/ yellow they are going to be sold as a bundle the yellow 4???s with a shirt $250 and black/yellow 4???s with a matching jacket $500. It???s true go to Jumpman23.com for pictures or call nike.com yourself. I think the price is way overrated seeing the release was only suppose to be $125 for the shoes. Nike is Jackin us for the money.

  2. Tomeka says:

    Did I mention you can only buy one bundle! Which one is it gonna be Bundle#1 the Yellow/Grey retro 4???s with a t-shirt for $250, or Bundle#2 the Black/Yellow retro 4???s with matching jacket that used to be only sold to Celebrity???s first time public release $500.

  3. admin says:


    I know what you mean about the price being pretty steep. I honestly will be passing on both because I would much rather put my money towards some classics rather than hype.

    In the next several months the following classics will be releasing:
    Grape Jordan 5
    Fire Red Jordan 5
    Black/Silver Jordan 5
    Fire Red Jordan 3

    Total price for those 4 pairs is $540.

    hmmm, 4 pairs of heat, or one pair of shoes with a jacket that is probably not going to fit me only if I am 7 feet tall? I think I know which I will take.

  4. chrisGO says:

    hold up folks, so am i hearing this right…you can get the shoes ONLY if you buy that bundled package? Online, im sure thats the case…but what about Niketowns and Urban Acct shops???

    Im low on money, so it was either going to be these Lightning IVs or the Military IVs next month. Thanks for helping me decide with your greed, Nike!!!

  5. chrisGO says:

    an interesting excerpt from a NikeTalk post about this AJ pack…

    PO2345 , one of the most reliable sources of JB info made a very legitimate point about the upcoming Thunder and Lightning packs to be offered by JB, that needs to be addressed
    JB’s is anxiously waiting to see how these Bundles do..I’m not going to get into any specifics yet,but if JB sees these items sell-out,then you guys don’t want to see what they have in store next… This is the time to boycott…And to tell you the truth,i don’t see how it would be hard to refuse…But if yall don’t make a stand now,it will be too late… Just an insider trying to warn you of the consequences that can arise..Hopefully the majority of this board and the “hypebeasts” across the Country can make an exception for this release,because the results are going to determine alot of things regarding the future of JB..

    For those of you who like the pack and are going to purchase this is not at all a stabb at you. Every consumer has the right to purchase whatever they like.
    With that said, I’d like for each NT member and vistors also to make a well though decision before jumping onto the “limited bandwagon”.

  6. praning says:

    this is so mess up, those two colorways are the ugliest ever… its a damn rip-off….

  7. Jo Jo says:

    Hell naw…. Them some ugly ass shoes!

  8. bjizzle says:

    them j’s aint all that sweet not enough for 500 bucks

  9. Badass0304868 says:

    they are differnt thats what makes them sick, but they are over priced

  10. L-WTZ says:

    that a bunch of b-s big price’s for ugly color’s . and the jacket and the shirt look like is made of chea material .

  11. AD says:

    they are different so that makes it a hot shoe in my opinion, so im going to get both packages and just add to my collection

  12. Tomeka says:

    After reading all the comments It’s a sad Jordan day, because if I was a dude I’d probably get both packs just to be floosy, but I’m not. I was going to shoot for the Yellow/Gray 4′s bundle and give the overrated shirt to my mom or male cousin beacause I don’t wear mens clothes. The Black/Yellow 4′s bundle for$500 is out the question NO WAY for my pockets because the Military Blues are right around the corner Sept 9! And chrisGo comment#4 is right, however this sells is going to determine future pricing on Jordan Releases wether limited editions or not. To boycott is a good idea, but there are to many Jordans fans that’s willing to go the extra mile and pay at all cost I Know that would be unsuccessful. So Jordan fans the new motto is “Save, Cope or Pass” which one will it be for Future Purchases.

  13. David says:

    Yeah i think, those sweaters are nice, and i think yall should make a white one, a black one, a red one, and many more to mactch them out with the different colors of 4′s

  14. JayFear says:

    This package = A BIG WASTE OF MONEY!!

    I’m better off coppin a grail or some of this Retro heat coming for ’06-’07.

  15. trey says:

    Man I hope a lot of people make the right decision and refuse to buy these shoes. $500 for one pair of shoes and a jacket? And I can’t even get the other pair for $250? At least the DMP pack had two pairs of shoes and even that wasn’t $500.

  16. meme says:

    those shoes is off the chain

  17. JaY says:

    them black ones is off da chain deff not fo 500 doe

  18. Jermaine says:

    500????? Get da hell outta here, what…how did they come up with that price 250 for the shoes and 250 for the jacket…..u got me chopped and screwed or sumthin. The damn defining moments package was only 300 n they want 500 for this. Get outta here, i aint cheap but damn!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Jermaine says:


  20. Lil Wayne's gal says:

    Mann. Thas some bull, if i was a dude i would be pissed. i caint get these shoes either way cuz they only in men sizes,7 and up.