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Air Jordan 4 Thunder and Lightning

Online exclusive releases are nothing new for Air Jordan shoes. First, there were the Air Jordan 12 “nubucks” and then in spring 2005, all out hysteria broke out with the release of the laser Jordan 4. Now, August 23, 2006, there will be yet another online exclusive release.

Packaging clothing and accessories is nothing new for online exclusive releases either. Both of the prior ones required you to buy the shoes with an article of clothing and a hat or visor. Both prior releases rang in at $200 which was reasonably low considering only days after the release, the shoes were selling for $500+ alone on eBay. The last release caused the most controversy ever in regards to resellers. Some individuals planned ahead of time and were able to get as many as 13 pairs out of the limited stock of 3,000! It was a resellers dream – buy for $200, then sell for more than double in less than a week.

Alot of angst towards resellers came as a result of the release and Jordan Brand was made aware of the problem from many outcries from the sneaker community. This time around, Nike is going to make sure that people don’t buy JUST to hope to fetch a huge profit – instead, Nike is pricing the Air Jordans extremely high – $250 for the “Lightning” Jordan 4, and $500 for the “Thunder” Jordan 4.

The Lightning Jordan 4 will come with a matching T-shirt. The Thunder Jordan 4 will come with an exclusive matching jacket. There has been already alot of mixed feelings to the news of the price amongst the sneakerhead community. Many argue, that a shoe which would normally cost $125 in stores being sold for 4 times as much makes the shoes unaffordable to Jordan’s target market.

Release Date: 8/23/2006 4PM PDT – Jumpman23.com
Price: $250 Lightning Package / $500 Thunder Package
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Thunder Package – $500
Air Jordan 4 Thunder and Lightning

Air Jordan 4 Thunder and Lightning

Lightning Package – $250

Air Jordan 4 Thunder and Lightning

Air Jordan 4 Thunder and Lightning