Canadian Exclusive Steve Nash Air Max 90

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Steve Nash Air Max 90 In 2002 Steve Nash became the first Canadian NBA player to play in the All-Star Game. 3 All-Star Games later and 2 MVPs and Steve Nash has earned himself an exclusive Air Max 90 colaboration with Nike.

These Air Max 90s will only be sold in Nash’s 2nd nation, Canada (he was born in South Africa). If you want a pair and you’re in the US, be prepared to make a drive north of the boarder or pay a premium on eBay.

Alot of Air Max heads have been loving these for a number of reasons. First, the colorway will defiantely turn heads. Secondly, the shoe features a snakeskin piece. Lastly, the shoe has a mesh toe which is what any Air Max 90 fan loves.

Release Date: 7/22 CANADIAN EXCLUSIVE Canada
Price: $140CAD ~ $123.24USD
Pics: HypeBeast / dazone

Steve Nash Air Max 90

Steve Nash Air Max 90

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  1. CaliKid

    These joints is hot righjt here. these is real flava. Congrats to Steve Nash for getting his on specail shoe. Keep the hotness coming Nike

  2. Jr Marquez

    these shoes are ugly but props to nash for doing his thing yo blaine kobe is selfish he aint never getting no mvp award

  3. Lil Wayne's gal

    I’m a forces an J gurl myself, and never really rocked no air max, but them are hot. I give ‘em they props.

  4. Tomeka

    Suck, snake skin is played plus the shoe has cloth or mesh that they could have did without, Fantastic 4 air max 95 makes these shoes run back in the closet

  5. jiko

    no matter if the shoes r no good but nash kicks ass i bet nash will be mvp again for the 3rd time !!!!! go suns win 1st place n shout out to my home team go!!!!! raptors!!!!!!!!!!

  6. aric

    in my opinion, i dont know why he makes shoes that he probably wont wear in public! because i wouldnt buy them cause they suck so bad. but its not my fault those shoes were made because STEVE NASH KICKS ASSS!!! noone can stop him and his passes are out of this world. GOOD LUCK STEVE NASH, HOPE YOU WIN MVP AGAIN

  7. Erik Timlin

    These are one of the best shoes I’v ever seen they’re beter than Shaquells#7 and he is my favorite player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I give them 2 thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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