Lucha Libre Air Force Ones

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Lucha Libre Air Force Ones Wrestling Pack Nike definately has more plans for the Air Force 1 than any of us would have ever dreamed of. These are the “Lucha Libre” Air Force Ones. The Lucha Libre’s are part of the upcoming “Wrestling Pack” of Air Force Ones and Dunks dropping in late November or December. Pics originally from NikeTalk via Sole Redemption and EUKicks.

As soon as we get more info, we’ll post the release date and price in the Air Force 1 Release Dates section.

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  1. shamecka


    B K A

  2. richmond king

    these shoes is horrible, and you dudes who would wear this on your feet are horrible. whats up man, what does the watermelon air forces look like, i’m coppin’ this week, ya dig!

  3. Travis

    I must admit nike broke the mole with these air 1’s fa’sho.I really gotta have’em so if ya’ll need some advertisin send me a free pair(heehee)unless u want 2.

  4. da Masia

    those ones is a discrase fam all yall dat said yall gone kop those is really slow yall some flops for tryin 2 get dem lame shoes dats pittiful

  5. jazzmyne

    them forces is hella clean… i been sayin how yall need nsome shes with ma two favorite colors in them and yall finally got it right… do yall got them in my size and do yall deliver…lol… ima hefta cop those asap

  6. diamond

    wat da fuk is dat? dat shyt is ugly ya`ll need to stop lyin.i do got style but on da real dat shyt is ugly

  7. Meggan aka pooh

    yo on real talk i got almost every pair of airforces… des off tha hook but i dont think they ma style 4 real… dey would look good on somebody else’s feet… but ima get em n-e wayz 2 keep ma closet full na mean?

  8. noona.510

    dayam the colors on these shoes go hella hard!
    Iono bout the wrestlin men on the back
    id buy these tho …
    rock them w/ a 510airbrushd’ shirt reppin’ the bay

  9. Untouchble T

    Mane these hoe r nasty when the fuk do they come out 2 b honest if u hate U HAVE NO STYLE what so eva u cant keep useing the say ass colors mane come think dawg these r nasty azz hoes… TEXAS BOY

  10. POOH

    These shoes R clean man if anybody step on these i wouls woop there _______ u kno da rest* I want me some. $$L0V3 UR GU1RL P00H BA3R$$ AND DAT ([MEGGAN G1RL UR NAME I5 NOT POOH SO G3T IT B1T** ])

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