Military Blue Jordan 4 Final Samples

Many of you may be asking what a “final sample” is, but to make it short, its an exact sample of what will be hitting the stores.These look so much

Zoom Lebron 4 Latest Pics

Here are the official pics from Nike of the Zoom Lebron 4. This is a colorway we have not seen before so this was somewhat of a suprise. The Zoom

Women’s Purple Invisible Air Force Ones

Alot of ladies felt left out when the Invisible Air Force Ones were released in early June and we made just in men’s sizes. The shoes were inspired by Invisible

Cancelled Jordan 9 Low Sample

Though Jordan releases a ton of great colorways of the Jordan Retro series, some don’t make it all the way to the shelves. This colorway was one of them. This

Jordan 4 Military Blue MADNESS!

While cruising the net I stumbled upon this pic and was just SPEECHLESS! It looks like someone who got their Jordan 4 military’s early wanted to taunt us all! Jordan

Orlando and Chicago Penny 1

By far the hottest Penny 1s that I have seen since the New York colorway that was released in 2005. The Orlando colorway will go well with any old Penny

Air Jordan III 2007 Retro Preview

We first heard the rumors of a Jordan III release only a couple weeks ago. We got confirmed release dates this past week, and now we have actual photos for

Lebron III (Lebron 3) Superman Edition

The Lebron 3 has not let anyone down for enough colorways. Not only were there 5 general release colorways, 2 US limited releases, a handful of hyperstrikes, and 4 online