“Invisible” Nike Air Force Ones Fantastic 4

The Invisible Fantastic 4 Air Force Ones have been the most popular shoes we have posted on the site. We have never had so many questions and comments about anyother shoes than these!

The good news is they are going to come out soon! The bad news is that there are THOUSANDS of people across the country wanting these. My best word of advice for you is hit up any store you know that sells Air Force Ones and make sure they are getting the “Invisible” Fantastic 4 Air Force 1. Many stores have already received the shoes but are waiting until June 3rd to sell them. Again, check with your local spot.

Check out these pics we have of someone trying on the actual shoe. One word – HOT! Big thanks to nightrauns @ NikeTalk for posting the pics.

Read more about Nike Air Force Ones.

Release Date: 6/3/2006
Price: $100

Invisible Air Force Ones 1 Fantastic 4 Four

Invisible Fantastic 4 Air Force Ones
Invisible Air Force Ones 1 Fantastic 4Fantastic 4 Air Force Ones 1


  1. these are so damn hot ya understand that!!!

  2. ace says:

    those are just plain sick!


  4. babygirl says:

    These kicks are so hot.

  5. Shatisha says:

    These shoes are the sweetest shoes in the world!

  6. YOUNG Rob says:

    Thiz shoes iz hard make you slap your self

  7. CutiePI3 says:

    Dem shoes are so sexi Im gonna have 2 cope dem thangs asap wen da come out

  8. Whitney says:

    These kicks is whats poppin!

  9. levonte ross says:

    I aint seen nuthing like this i need them do they come in stores

  10. CARLOS says:

    these shoes are stupied hard

  11. top knotch model bitch says:

    this shoes is what it do ya dig im’a be supppa duppa hyphy in em yadida mean!!!You punk rock kids aint aboutz 2 be fitted ova me in em…….

  12. adrian says:

    these are some one in a million sneakers will these be sold in the store or on this website

  13. bates says:

    these are off the meter

  14. ten says:

    these kicks are CLEAN! they r too fly and i got the perfect outfit when these babies hit the racks.

  15. javone says:

    these kicks are to exclusive!

  16. Amia07 says:

    this boys so hard i gotta have them

  17. G unit says:

    yo i gotta have em’

  18. ced says:

    those af1′s are crazy

  19. jules says:

    these hot ass hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Tia Waldron says:

    yo these shoes are live yo how much are they and when you get so more let me know.